Hot and then Cold, Yes and then No …

Hello Everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days … I was having Internet access issues … but I’m up and running again and have a great story to tell you 🙂

As some of you already know, I enjoy going to the gym several times a week.  As you also know, I like to go later in the day (7ish) because that’s when the hotties in the fancy cars go, and the women tend to leave by that time … so I have them all to myself LOL.  Well, I AM single and enjoy watching a fit man work his muscles.  Always been curious if it’s true what they say, big muscles, small ….. I digress! Lately I’ve been stared at and followed around by some not so hot guys … and smelly ones … seriously, deodorant people … seriously!

It was on one of these scouting expeditions that I met Mr. N (not ugly, not smelly).  He was actually quite charming, we felt an instant connection.  It was great.  We talked a couple of times before he asked me if I wanted to go for a drink or coffee after the gym one night.  I said yes, sure.  We decided to go out that night to a local trendy restaurant and have a bite.  We met up with his brother and girlfriend there (ahem one of his girlfriends, apparently he has several).  It was honestly a great time, we talked, we laughed, we ate, we drank.  Totally natural and normal.   I felt like this was probably the best first date I had ever been on.  Off to a good start?  Hell ya!  He drove me home, we sat in the car and talked for a while, then a kiss on the cheek and we agreed to meet again soon.  I was feeling quite positive about it.

Ok, there are a couple of details I’m leaving out (c’mon there has to be something weird about him!).  He had an obsession with the way I smelled (I use Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar) and I don’t use the term obsession lightly.  It wasn’t only a sniff … every time we were together his nose was at my neck taking deep whiffs every few minutes … like I was his favorite meal that he couldn’t wait to eat! I thought it was cute at first, but it got a little weird, especially when we were in public.  But I figured, it could be worse, right?  I mean this guy was CRAZY about me, and not in a creepy way.   He called me and messaged me often and couldn’t stop telling me how amazing and beautiful I was.  He wanted to see me as much as he could.  It was great to have someone like that.  Especially after going out with a bunch of duds.

So this phase lasted a couple of weeks.  Then all of a sudden his devotion waned and he would contact me less and less and want to see me even less than that.  He eventually only wanted to stay in and watch a movie and order dinner in.  Every time I asked what was the issue, he just said he was tired.  Hmm whatever.  I told him this wasn’t the kind of relationship I wanted and that he either wants me or he doesn’t.  I tried breaking up with him twice and he wouldn’t let me.  I decided OK, I’ll give him another chance.  Then he got totally hot for me again … totally devoted … totally wanted me.  Did he change his ways? well somewhat, he even invited me over to his parents’ house for a BBQ … that’s positive right?  But no, things didn’t really get better.  Another few weeks of this back and forth.  I was getting tired of it.

One day out of the blue he told me he was going to move out of the country.  I lost it on him and then we didn’t talk for a week.  Then we talked and he told me he loved me so much and that I am very special to him.  I told him to go “f” himself and that was the end.  I couldn’t deal with his indecisiveness.  You either want me or you don’t, plain and simple.  He still messages me sometimes, but I am cold with him.  He doesn’t deserve my warmth … or heat! By the way, he didn’t move, he’s still here.

Lesson learned … when there’s way too much heat at the beginning it doesn’t mean there will be heat throughout!  A fire that hot and that high burns out very quickly and all that’s left is the ashes.  But you know me … I like playing with  fire … but that’s another story!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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