A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

We’ve heard this adage countless times, but do we take it seriously? We take pictures to preserve a memory or show someone something about us.  It usually demonstrates something we want to show, particularly if we post it online for others to see.  I was just scoping out several online dating sites, just looking at the pictures.  Firstly, I was amazed at how many unattractive photos there were, but on closer inspection, these people were not necessarily unattractive, they just took bad pictures.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand WordsSo if what I say is true, then these people are not demonstrating their true selves, and perhaps not showing what they wish to show.  A picture can make the difference between receiving a response or not.  It also will dictate the types of responses you receive.  For example, if you look like a person of “loose morals” in your picture, then you will attract a person who wants someone with “loose morals”.  Pictures should show you as the type of person you want to attract.

Keeping this in mind, here are some pictures to avoid:

  • Pub/Bar Star: It’s great that you have a social life and you like to have fun, but these pictures show a lack of maturity and stability.  If you’re looking for a relationship, not a good picture idea.
  • Peculiar Pose: Really, no one wants to see you being silly. It doesn’t demonstrate “fun-loving” if you’re jumping, leaning against a building in the distance (so last decade), sleeping in the sand, looking unnatural or making a funny face … seriously.  It shows your lack of genuineness.
  • Minimal Clothing: I shouldn’t have to say this but gentlemen, if you don’t have an athletic body, then please leave your shirt on.  No one wants to see your gut.  It also applies if you are hairy or have abnormal chest hair. Ladies, keep your clothes respectable.  Show a little skin, but not enough to make you look like you’re advertising for something altogether different.  If you don’t have a nice body keep it covered, no one wants to see your muffin top! I know I might sound a little harsh, but these kinds of pictures show a lack of class and integrity.
  • Posing with the opposite sex: Contrary to what some of you may think these pictures don’t show that you’re popular and attractive with the opposite/same sex.  It really doesn’t.  What it might show is that you’re insecure, or, give the impression that you’re non-committal and a player.
  • Group Pictures: Which one are you? Not cool.  Besides, we might end up wishing you were your friend 😉
  • Drunk Pictures: Enough said. Who wants an alcoholic? Again, doesn’t prove you’re fun loving or cool.
  • Fake Picture: Do you seriously think putting a picture of David Beckham or any other model/artist is going to fool anyone?  I once had a guy put a picture of his cousin and when I met him I was like who are you?
  • Mirror Selfie: No comment.

But what kind of pictures should you post?

Here is some sage advice that will help get you get that response …

  • Smile: Everyone likes a happy positive person
  • Look Natural: Make sure you look like yourself, don’t force an unnatural pose
  • Realistic Environment: This just means use pictures that tell a story of who you are and what you like
  • Maximum 3 Pictures on Profile: Don’t overload your profile with too many pictures.  You need to leave something to the imagination.  Save some to send in later communications
  • Recent: Pictures should be within the past few months.  You need to show who you are now.  Remember, you will potentially meet the people you are talking to. You don’t want to ruin it by looking different
  • Fully Clothed: Dress normally and casually … don’t try to prove anything.
  • Showcase Your Good Features: If you have great legs, show them.  If you’re not so proud of your belly, then hide it.

Before you post any picture, a good idea would be to send several options to your friends/family to rate which ones you look best in.  Second and third opinions are always helpful.  Remember, people judge your profile by your picture first, and then maybe they will read it … but 80% of the time, it’s the picture that will get you the response.  So make sure it’s a good one and a response is almost guaranteed!

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Single Dating Diva

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