Are You a Dating Snob?

dating-snobWhat’s a dating snob you ask?  Well it’s when we don’t accept a date or message from someone because we think they are beneath us.  They aren’t good enough to be graced with our presence.  We deserve better.  Well, we do don’t we?  Yes and no.  I mean could we be passing up an opportunity of a lifetime just because we don’t feel this person is worthy of us?  Sometimes I wonder.  I am a bit of a dating snob at times.  I am looking for a particular kind of person and anything beneath that I don’t bother with.

Perhaps because I “settled” for my ex-husband and I don’t want to make that same mistake again.  But does that make me a snob? I don’t know … a snob thinks they are better than the other person.  I don’t think I’m better than them, they just don’t meet my standards.  Is there a difference?

Hmm I’m not sure, is there a difference?  Isn’t the act of rejecting someone because they aren’t up to your standards snobbish?  Perhaps, but I don’t care.  I know what I want and I won’t settle for less, plain and simple.  I guess we bring our baggage into every dating experience we have.  It’s true for me.  I have lots of it.  Over the past year I have certainly shed much of it, but I still have some there.  Particularly the “I won’t settle for less for a second time” baggage.  Is it holding me back?  Is the load too heavy? Perhaps.  But I am holding on to this one, it’s a pretty valuable piece of luggage.  What is your baggage?  Think about it.  What big piece of luggage are you holding on to that’s making you a bit of a dating snob?  Do you have a false sense of entitlement or is it fair game? Once you know that, you will understand yourself much better.

Are You a Dating Snob?

How do we determine if we’re being fair or not? As long as someone makes an effort at having an intelligent conversation with me, I will talk to them.  If they pique my interest enough then I will go on a date with them.  I try to give them a chance, but really, I know, if they don’t meet my standards – good job, car, property, intelligent, established – then I won’t give them a chance long-term.  I’m 30-something-ish.  I can’t afford to waste time with a guy who is just starting out.  That’s me though.  Some people don’t mind it, they want to build together with their partner and that’s great too.  Each person’s relationship baggage or luggage looks differently (this way we can find it on the carousel at the airport!).

READERS: Are you a dating snob? What is the baggage that’s making you a snob or a selective dater?  

Happy Dating!

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