How Many Frogs do you REALLY Have to Kiss?

You know how the fairy tale goes. The pretty girl finds a frog that convinces her to give him a kiss and he turns out to be a handsome prince and they live happily ever after. Now I’m wondering if that was the first frog she kissed … they don’t really tell us do they? How many frogs did she kiss before him? I mean, who just willingly kisses a frog like that … she’s done it before. She can’t fool me. So how many was it?? Well if my track record is any indication of how many, it’s a lot of froggies.

I am, as you know, a big fan of dating lots of guys until you find mr. right … if he even exists. I have definitely kissed a lot of frogs, no doubt. None of them turned out to be prince charming … more like prince not so charming. I feel with you … the dating world is a tough one. You really have to put yourself out there and take risks. But you know what? It’s not so bad, you know why? Because when you go out with all sorts of people you learn more about what’s out there and what you want in a partner. Look at it as a fact finding mission rather than looking for love.

You need to have fun with dating or else it becomes depressing. It can definitely get depressing I know. But you need to enjoy the process without setting expectations. When you go in without expectations you don’t get disappointed. Hope for the best, expect the worst. That’s my motto. I know it’s hard … hardly anyone dates without expecting to find love. But everything in life is perspective … let it just happen on its own. When you’re kissing as many frogs as me you need some positive thinking to get through. I’m just saying.

So how many frogs do you really have to kiss to find the prince? As many as it takes. Everyone’s number is different but your prince is out there … don’t give up. It will happen. Keep kissing. In the mean time, enjoy the process … have fun! Just don’t swallow any flies!

Stirring the Dating Sauce,

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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