The Infamous Penis

What is this obsession men have with their penises?  They are so enamored with them that they think that everyone else is too.  Well boys, just because you like looking at it and playing with it constantly doesn’t necessarily mean a girl you just met has the same intentions.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-penis … but the further along on my dating path, the less discreet men seem to be.  I spoke to you before about a first date gone wrong when the guy just pulled out his penis and started playing with it … right there out in public … while we were talking.  I mean who does that?  Here is my latest escapade, if you want to call it that.  I won’t even assign him a letter … you know, because the Mr. Z designation is reserved for someone who actually deserves to be the end of the line.

I will call him “Mr. Penis” (you’ll see why) … so Mr. Penis and I met online a little while back.  He captivated me with his charm and smarts … not to mention his good looks.  He had traveled the world and had some great experiences and stories to share so we were never at a loss for words.  Problem was that he lived in another city.  You know me and my hesitation with long distance relationships.  But we kept up the conversations.

infamous penisSuddenly, he changed his tone and started talking about sex and how important sex was to him and how much he liked sex … then went on to tell me what he wanted to do to me.  Ahem.  Well, I was just like “let’s meet first”.  So he just kept on and on about sex … then he started talking about his penis.  He kept going on and on and on about his penis.  How nice his penis was, how big it was, how he knew how to satisfy a woman, how it was a model penis, that they should make a dildo the same as his penis, how when God created his penis he broke the mold (WTF?), how he should be in porn because he would give Ron Jeremy a run for his money, how he always got compliments … you get the picture.  Well then I got the picture.  Literally.  He took a picture of his penis and texted it to me.  Nothing like an unsolicited penis picture to make your day.  What do you say to that? Um, “thank you but you didn’t have to do that”.  Then he asked me for some of my own.  You all know from my post on sexting that I don’t do that sort of thing.  So I told him to stop and he got annoyed with me. That was the end of that, ended that liaison pretty fast!  Does he do this to all the girls he meets?  Seriously … you know I’m not closed minded but there are limits.

What is it with these men?  Is anyone normal? Is there any hope left?  I am starting to lose hope and fast! I actually liked him, he was so nice to talk to and fun and I was really really looking forward to meeting him.  Was his penis episode a moment of insanity or weakness? Blinded by horniness?  Perhaps.  But is it the first of many?  I guess I’ll never know (perhaps I don’t want to know) … back to the drawing board of singledom … not liking this board so much lately.

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. One of my really good friends told me that she never ever wanted to see a picture of a guy’s junk until she saw it in person. Men are way more obsessed with their organs than women are, I think.

    This friend that I mentioned had been with quite a few men in her day (I will not judge) and said this turned her off and wondered what men out there thought a woman would find it attractive.

    Who knows what is wrong with men? There’s a lot wrong with us and I don’t know where to begin or where these issues come from.


  2. It’s like an epidemic! One of my wing girls met a guy online and they had great correspondence through the site. She was really excited to get to know him. So they exchanged numbers and the first text he sent was a penis pic. Seriously, dude?!

    Also, one of my exes was obsessed with his penis (which was rather unremarkable). He kept sending me pics. He thought his photography was awesome. I loved him, but I kept hitting delete.


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