Is It Harassment or Are They Just Being Persistent?

Sometimes we get messages from people who we really aren’t interested in.  Usually, we just ignore the message or politely decline their offer.  What happens when they don’t take no for an answer?  What happens when they start begging and being pushy?  What happens when they don’t stop regardless of your wishes?  It’s a difficult question I think, especially when you’re online dating.  It’s not like they know where you live or where to find you.  However, it is scary when someone seems obsessed with you.

What is the difference between harassment and persistence?  Well, I believe there is a fine line.  Harassment is more of a torment than an annoyance.  You feel threatened by the other person’s messages.  For example, if they make reference to finding you or knowing who you are and coming for you.  Persistence is someone who keeps trying to talk to you but being kind of cute about it and doing it via compliments and sweet words.  It is a minor annoyance, but usually tolerable.  Why does this happen, well, some people can’t accept rejection, and others like to play the chasing game.  They think you’re playing hard to get and them, being the hunter, need to catch their prey.

So what do you do?  Well, keep ignoring it and hope for the best, or if it is really harassment, report it and block them.  Easy, right?  Well, yes.  What if they are clearly being persistent and not really harassing you?  Well, you need to do what feels right.  Go with your gut instinct.  No one wants a stalker or creepy person watching them, even if it’s just online.  Sometimes I wonder if guys just use the profile picture as “help” for their arm building exercises.  Creepy.

Online dating opens you up to a wonderful world of people, the good … the bad … the ugly.  Every so often you find some potential.  Keep trying and keep safe … and for goodness sake HAVE FUN!

Happy Dating!

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Single Dating Diva

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