Does “Happily Ever After” Actually Exist?

Most people strive for the ultimate love story … the one that ends in “happily ever after”.  We are inundated with these stories as children and the expectation gets ingrained in us at an early age.  But does this “happily ever after” actually exist or is it the stuff of fairy tales?  In my personal experience, it’s all about the fairy tales.  It’s not reality.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but let’s be realistic.  How many times have we entered a relationship expecting fairy tales and gotten the frog and no prince or princess?

I will be the first one to admit I love a good love story, but I guess sometimes I feel like I’m just setting myself up for disappointment if I actually expect it … and, God forbid, hope.  So how many times should you try?  Life is all about taking risks and the consequence of risk is part of the bargain.  So why is it so hard to keep going sometimes?  Is the risk always worth the consequence you have to pay?  I wonder sometimes.  I would say no, not always, well, it depends … is the person worth the risk?

When you’re online dating, or meeting people in general, you immediately asses their dating potential … but do you immediately asses their risk?  How big of a risk they will be?  We sometimes forget to do that.  We get caught up in finding this wonderful person that we figure things will work themselves out.  But is it really worth the risk?  You need to assess that for yourself.  But don’t forget to keep that in mind … for every wonderful thing you encounter with a new person, there are equal amounts of negative things.  You might not get the privilege of seeing them right away, but be assured they are there.

So does “happily ever after” actually exist?  In retrospect, I would say it is possible, but rare.  You need to make your “happily ever after” work by being smart and assessing the risks before you are enamoured with someone so that you can “walk together in one direction” instead of drift apart amidst a sea of games and nonsense.  Remember, you need to live your best life and live “happily ever after” with yourself before you can be happy with anyone else!


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