Single and Dating Life: The “Dare to Compare” Interview

Whatever happened to just getting to know someone? Some people choose to set their standards so high that no one can meet them.  Some men, and some women, have what I like to call the “Interview” in which they tick of their checklist of unattainable things they want in their prospective mate.  I’m all about the not settling, but sometimes people just take it too far.  That’s what happened to a friend of mine.

She met this handsome, sexy, divorced lawyer on an online dating site.  He first contacted her and she replied.  They had a very nice exchange.  He was very nice and respectful.  However, he kept referring to his “million dollar home” by the River.  He kept talking about his successes and sent her his professional profile information and wanted to see what she thought, she told him it looks interesting, he seemed disappointed that he hadn’t impressed her.  He started putting on his “A” game … sending her provocative messages and making insinuations.  She let it slide because he seemed nice enough and she agreed to meet him for a coffee.  He was very taken by her and couldn’t stop staring at her.  She is quite an attractive girl.  He even told her he couldn’t concentrate at work because she kept coming to his mind.  He told her that he had met over 35 women online in the past 3 months.  She was a little taken aback by this, but again, she let it slide.  However, it did stay in the back of her mind.

Then the weird interview questions began.  Everything, she noticed related to appearance and the body.  He first asked her what sort of bathing suit she wore, one or two piece.  Then if she slept naked or in pyjamas.  Then he asked what sort of underwear she wore.  But she liked him otherwise, she thought this was part of the flirting.  But did he ask this of all the girls?  She was also a little taken by his status … big shot lawyer … successful … wealthy … so he behaved a little badly, so did she sometimes.  Some minor indiscretions weren’t that big of a deal were they?  So she agreed to see him again, this time a quick meeting at his place.  They had a nice evening talking and he would steal glances at her when she wasn’t looking.  He seemed so taken by her and it made her feel great.Then the interview continued.  He actually asked her how much she weighed! Who does that?  That’s where she drew the line, she couldn’t be with someone so superficial.  He asked how tall she was.  Then he made a comment that his ex-wife weighed 100 pounds and that his previous girlfriend was a body sculpting instructor.  My friend is in no way overweight and is very attractive physically.  Where does this guy get off comparing her?  Really?  After his comparison and comments, he had the nerve to try and sleep with her.  She, of course, refused.  She made an excuse about getting up early and left.  He texted her to ask if she arrived home safely and she said yes.The next morning he sent her a message to say that he didn’t feel they had enough in common to continue seeing each other.  Let’s just say she didn’t cry any tears over it … who would want to date someone who would always be telling her to lose weight or compare her to someone else?  Not me!

I am the first to say that looks are important, I don’t care what anyone says, you need to be attracted to who you’re with. Everyone has their tastes … I like men with strong features, scruffy, longer hair … think Oded Fehr in The Mummy (OK don’t judge me).  So you shouldn’t settle for someone you’re not attracted to, but don’t give them false hope either! Sometimes we meet someone that perhaps doesn’t fit what we are looking for but we still go out with them only to not want them anymore after the fact.  Why bother?  Really.  Be honest with yourself and them.  Don’t waste your time or theirs … besides don’t we all want the hottie we can’t keep our hands off of??? I know I do … now does anyone have Oded’s number? Seriously …

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. Well, this is an easy one. He made it really easy to know that he is not “the one.” Better to have it be blatant so no time is wasted. On to the next one. #Spinsterlicious


  2. Do not know why she did not leave after the first warning bells started. It actually would have shut the jerk up.


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