To Pee or Not To Pee …

When I saw this picture I couldn’t help but laugh … and think, is that me? Um, yes, and not necessarily while I’m in a long term relationship.  Well, I’m really not shy and I


don’t really care about someone I’m with seeing my body.  I mean everyone goes to the loo.  Everyone.  So why are so many people shy and embarrassed about someone they are with seeing them sitting on the toilet?  I think it’s because of what it is.  It’s not attractive, I won’t lie.  When you’re dating all you want is for someone to see you looking your best and God forbid, you, well, you know, fart, by accident.

Is that wrong or right?  Well, me, personally, I don’t care, I’ll pee in front of the guy I’m with if we’ve become intimate already.  The other stuff, I prefer to leave that to my alone time.  Not because I’m shy, but because no one wants to experience that.  I don’t care if a guy pees in front of me.  I’m not offended.  Actually, I think it shows comfort and displays another level of intimacy.  Some people do take it too far though.  Like one guy I dated.  We were on our second date at a restaurant and he excused himself to go to the toilet.  Ten minutes go by and he still hasn’t returned.  Then I get a text with him apologizing that he isn’t back yet, but it’s taking him longer than he thought, that he was feeling a little constipated, but, we can chat by text until he comes back, he asked if I could keep him company. LOL!!! Um, OK … awkward!

The way I look at it, if you have sex with someone then going pee in front of them is no big deal.  The other stuff, well … I think that’s better left to your own private time.  If you want to do it, don’t have a discussion about it, just do it.  We need to stop being embarrassed about what comes naturally.  Be who you are and if others don’t like it, well, too bad for them!  So all you boys that date me, don’t be surprised if I walk around naked and pee in front of you.  Just saying.  One guy once asked me to pee on him … but that’s a different story …

So do you pee in front of your partner or do you find it horrid? I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Dating!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. I vote to Pee! It’s no big deal for me either. But #2 is my time so he must leave the bathroom and I fa sho’ am not going to be in the bathroom when’s in there sitting on the porcelain god! Not just because it aint pretty but because my nostrils will thank me for it LOL



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