If Chivalry Is Dead, Who’s Fault Is It?

That term “lady” gets thrown around a lot doesn’t it?  What does it mean to be a lady? Well, it certainly doesn’t mean the same thing it used to … or does it?  The whole feminist movement has changed the way women and men interact and how women want to be treated.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad, but I think it’s gone too far.  OK, stop throwing all your bras at me … wait a minute!  Hear me out!

Feminism has paved the road for some great things for women as well as lifting the level of respect and equality to a new level.  There’s nothing wrong with a woman being able to take care of herself and do what she wanted without a man.  These days woman can totally function without a man.  They work, they own homes, they own cars and can even have children without men.  The problem is that they then complain about not having a man to take care of them.  Think about it, what kind of energy are you giving off when you are bragging about not needing a man?  Why in the world WOULDN’T you want a man to hold the door open for you?  Men don’t do these things anymore because women give them dirty looks when they do.  So, then, if chivalry is dead, whose fault is it really?

Let me tell you a little secret … shh come close … men need to be needed just as much as you need to be! Even if in reality you don’t need them they don’t need to know that.  I am not ashamed to say that even though I can take out the garbage and do things around the house myself, I would much prefer a man do them for me.  I am happy cooking him an amazing meal in exchange and giving him a massage after a long day at work and satisfying his every need.

Make a man feel like a real man
and he’ll act like one.

Act like a real woman and your man
will treat you like one!

Personally, I want to be treated like a real lady and I want a man to be a perfect gentleman with me!  Heck, I want men in general to be gentlemen … I want a man to open the door for me, I want a man to give me his seat on the bus, I want a man to pull out my chair, I want a man to pay for dates, I want a man to protect me, I want a man to bring me flowers, I want a man to play Sinatra while dancing with me and telling me how much he loves and adores me.  I know what it means.  It means I have to also act like a real woman … to take care of my man.

I would like nothing more than to make my man feel like the king of his castle, keep him happy and satisfied.  Tell me … what is wrong with that? NOTHING!!  Yes, you heard right!! I’m not ashamed to say it and it doesn’t make me less of an independent woman.  It’s just my choice … everyone can choose their path, this is the one that I want.  I have a good job, my own house and a nice car and do I NEED a man to support me? No way!  But I do need a man to take care of me, not financially, but physically and emotionally and love me unconditionally and I will do the same for him.  That’s what I’m looking for.

Is he out there?  My true gentleman? My knight in shining armor? If you’re out there … your woman is waiting for you! Prove to me that chivalry is not dead! Just don’t hit me over the head with a club while you grunt … I promise to keep the home fires burning (among other things)!  MEOW!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. Love it Diva! Honestly I have a similar way of thinking, why should having a career, car, kids and our independence mean having to settle for anything less than perfect in our relationship. I wrote a similar blog on my annabelle knight site a couple of months ago… great minds eh!! Really looking forward to the next blog 🙂 xx


    • Thanks for the comment Annabelle … You’re right, we shouldn’t settle for less! I want to be happy and I know what that will take. A good man, a real man. I’m going to check out your post too 🙂


  2. I do my best to be everything you describe in this post. After my divorce, I made it my mission to become more expressive with women, in other words emotionally intelligent. I met a woman in January who I fell in love with. I was expressive and attentive, but never jealous, nor a doormat. I proved to myself that I had changed and believed I was being the kind of man that women SAY they want. Turns out SHE wasn’t emotionally healthy and broke my heart 2 weeks ago. I’m really losing my faith in women at this point. The only positive from this last relationship is I don’t blame myself for it ending, like I did after my marriage. I know I gave it 110%, and unfortunately, I gave that to a woman who wasn’t worthy of it.


    • Thanks for the comment and sharing your experience. The problem with both women and men is that sometimes we give give give and in the end the person really didn’t appreciate it and we end up feeling used and taken for granted. But, you shouldn’t let that discourage you from being a good, attentive, positive man in a relationship … you just need the woman who deserves and appreciates that!


  3. funny thing that you wrote about this! i always say that chivalry seems to have died in ottawa…but then again, i meet gentlemen now and then and makes me have faith again…I like hanging around DND…i find that they mostly are!! 🙂


  4. The feminine attracts the masculine.

    The masculine attracts the feminine.

    It really is that simple. But the social expectation in the past generation or so is that women should act in a more masculine fashion (strong and independent!) and men should act more feminine (more in touch with his feelings…).

    That social expectation has failed miserably and neither gender is happy with the current dating and relationship scenario. Well, the relatively few men who have maintained their masculinity (alpha men) and are bed hopping with ruthless abandon with little desire or incentive to commit.

    Here’s another one for you:

    While women are the gatekeepers to sexuality, men are the gatekeepers to commitment.


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