The Eve Complex … Are Women Really Temptresses?

apple.image.singledatingdivaHistory is full of stories of women seducing men to get what they want, sometimes with disastrous outcomes. Essentially, this seductress tests the integrity of the man by placing some sort of temptation in their path. When the man refuses the temptation, he demonstrates his strength and shows himself to be true to his values. But what happens when he falls for the bait? Well, then he suffers the consequence. What better story demonstrates this than the proverbial “Adam and Eve”? Eve tempts Adam with the fruit and he eats it and they both end up kicked out of paradise. There are lots of these stories … but why? To warn men about these wicked temptresses? That these women are just out there to tempt men with their seductive gazes and sexy bodies. I would like to protest!!

Why am I protesting? I’m protesting because it’s not true! Not all women are temptresses (I’m certainly not!!) and I would like to give men a little more credit. Perhaps some men could be played for a short while, but it is the rare man who outright falls for the seductive tricks of a temptress. If they fall for it, it’s because they want to. It’s also about wanting what you can’t have. These men can’t believe this woman is falling for them! They will do anything for her just to have her and she plays him like a fiddle.

The Eve Complex … Are Women Really Temptresses?

Well I’m here to tell you it works both ways. Men can be just as seductive and tempting as much as women! You know it’s true! Like those men with “bedroom eyes” telling you what you want to hear and making you feel like the most attractive girl in the world. You know the ones … they make you melt like butter on a hot day. They are no different than woman seducers. They have one goal in mind and when they get it they move on to the next target. Usually their ultimate goal is sex. Some women make it easier than others for them to hit their target. Some of these men are so smooth that they are on target almost every time.

How do you pick out these seducers and tempters? Keep these points in mind …

  • If something really seems too good to be true, question it, because it probably is.
  • Trust your gut instinct, you usually have a feeling something isn’t right.
  • Observe how they interact with others.
  • If you’re falling fast and hard then something is wrong. Love takes time to grow.
  • Do you feel inadequate compared to them? If you feel they are in another social class or they are too good for you then get out.
  • Do they pressure you outside your comfort zone? Feeling like you have to do something just to keep them is a red flag!
  • Do they make you many promises? Do they keep or break them? Promise keepers are keepers.
  • Do they tell you everything you want to hear? It’s all well and good in the beginning, but then, how do you know when they’re being truthful?
  • Do they show you their weaker side? If they don’t, perhaps you’re not getting the full picture.
  • Is the relationship balanced or one sided? If one sided you need to question it.
  • Do they show genuine interest in your life or is it all surface? Your partner has to be just that … a partner.

Perhaps these things can be legitimate. You don’t know. You just need to be aware. There are good people out there, but there are also bad ones. What I’m really trying to say is that the world is full of people wanting to tempt and seduce you one way or another with themselves or a product or a service … like that piece of cake you can’t have or the expensive pair of shoes you can’t afford. These people will play games to get what they want. I know because I have met and dated many of them and even had some friends like that.

I, personally, am not like that. I can’t be bothered with games. I am upfront and honest. Sometimes I’m too honest I think. I’m a really bad liar … no poker face here! (No I’m not going to play strip poker with you!) Now, there’s nothing wrong with a couple being seductive with each other to keep the fires burning, but there is something wrong if it’s for selfish reasons. Seriously, who has the energy for games really? I guess some people get a high from it. Your best bet is to be an honest, good person and stick with other honest, good people.

And for all you seducers out there? Well, what goes around comes around … remember the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. Plain. Simple.

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Single Dating Diva

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