The 3 Types Of Guys You Should Date At Least Once: Guest Post

It’s raining men! Who to choose? Liz from We Love Dates guest posts on Single Dating Diva to tell us “The 3 Types Of Guys You Should Date At Least Once”

When it comes to dating, women generally all have a common goal-meet the right man, fall in love, live happily ever after.  When we find ourselves on yet another bad date, we want it to be over as fast as possible so we can move on to the next, and hopefully last, guy we will date.  However, there is much to be learned from dates with the wrong kind of men, and you might find that your worst dates teach you more about love than anything else ever could.  Here are the three types of guys you should date, at least once.

The 3 Types Of Guys You Should Date At Least Once

guys-you-should-dateThe Guy Who Doesn’t Know What The Hell He Wants

This is the man who is directionless in just about all aspects of his life.  You know the one-he’s on an online dating site, where his profile clearly states “Looking for something serious” yet when you meet he tells you that he’s afraid of commitment and just hoping to “date around.”  Or maybe he has a new “career” every week, changes his style on a monthly basis and seems afraid to stay in one place for any extended period of time.  Dating this kind of guy is exciting at first, because everything is so spontaneous and he never stops surprising you.

So why should you date him? Spending hours talking to a guy who doesn’t know what he wants in life or in love can actually spur you to determine and narrow down exactly what it is that you want. While he doesn’t see the point in making lists, you’ll be writing yours down furiously. This prevent you from wasting time with the wrong kind of guys in the future, because you’ll have an established list of qualities and deal breakers.

The Guy Who Appears To Be EXACTLY What You Want

So now that you’ve got yourself a handy dandy list of qualities that you’re looking for in a man, make it your mission to go out with a guy who has everything you think you’re looking for, down to the smallest detail.  This is the guy with the Ryan Gosling hair, Johnny Depp style, an MBA, who is a successful business owner and is also witty, caring and loves sushi…you know, your dream man.

So why should you date him?  Well, why should you date him if you can find him is the question. When you set out to find your Mr. SO PERFECT, you might find that he doesn’t exist, or if he does you actually don’t like him all that much.  When you write down a list of everything your dream man must have, it doesn’t take in to account that love makes absolutely no sense at all.  You might meet five guys who have every quality on your list, but have zero chemistry with them. The next day, you bump into a guy who is the opposite of what you thought you wanted, and you’ve never been happier.  Dating the man of your dreams might teach you that sometimes your dreams don’t match up to your reality…and reality is even better.

The Guy Who Played You For a Fool

Now, I’m not suggesting that you hunt down a total d-bag and ask to be his girlfriend, let’s get that out of the way!  We’ve all been there before though, and most of us know how it feels to realize that the guy we thought was so great, the one we had such high hopes for was a total player.  Whether he slept with you and never called again, or you found out he was seeing three other girls at the same time, or if he’s just generally a slime ball, when a relationship like this ends, we often wonder why we had to go through that, and lament what a colossal waste of time he was.

So why should you date him? Think of every single date you go on as a learning experience. Soak up knowledge about the opposite sex like a sponge and then use it to your advantage.  If you’ve only been out with great guys (I’m jealous, first of all) you won’t have much of a b.s meter at all, and you won’t know how to protect yourself and detect it when a man is waving a bright red flag in your pretty face.  Once you’ve been played, you begin to learn the warning signs…you become a bit of a tougher cookie.  This is not to say that you should become a paranoid man hater, because all men are not created equal…but it is more than okay if you learn to be a bit more protective of your heart and who you choose to let in your life.  One bad apple shouldn’t ruin it for the whole bunch, but at least now you won’t go biting into everything that comes your way without a good once over…right?

READERS: What have YOU learned from dating the wrong kind of guys?

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