The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

We’ve certainly heard this said countless times … but is it true?  Is the road to hell REALLY paved with good intentions?  I think it is.  First of all, what does it even mean? Well it could mean that you justify your bad deeds because they were done for the “greater good” … or, my favorite, you say you’re going to do things that you mean at the time you say it but you never do them because either you’re lazy, you change your mind or, just plain procrastination.  Listen, I am guilty of doing these things.  But, after these things started happening to me, I changed my tune.

I am the queen of procrastination, I mean well, I really do … but I have to “feel it” in order to do it.  I was always like that in school, I could easily write a 30 page essay in a matter of a couple of hours … but I had to feel it in order to do it.  My Master’s Thesis was the same … I pretty much wrote all 100 pages in a day or two.  But, these are things that affect me personally and the only one who loses is me if they don’t get done.  What about when this attitude affects others?  Well, that’s a different story.

I used to say I would do things and then just not do them.  Not because I didn’t mean it at the time I said it, but I just didn’t want to anymore, or, I just didn’t feel like it anymore.  Bad, I know.  But then I realized that it wasn’t just me that was hurt and disappointed by my actions (or inaction), it was the other person.  I quickly learned my lesson the hard way when this started happening to me … what do they say? Karma is only a bitch if you are … well Karma was biting me in the ass hard.

We do that a lot when dating, don’t we.  We promise someone the world because we are in love at that moment in time … or crazy about them and want to make them happy.  We mean what we say to them at that time because we are having a euphoric moment, but, then we go back home and take a cold realistic shower and then come back to reality and say “wait a minute, what did I just promise to do?”.  So our promises end up to be words and never manifest as actions.  Remember my friends, actions ALWAYS speak louder than words … when your words are nothing but words, then the other person who was most likely very happy and excited, ends up disappointed and hurt.

You need to ask yourself: Is that what you want to project?  Is that the type of person you want to be?  Do you want to be the “all talk, no action” person that no one believes anymore?  That no one trusts?  I asked myself these questions and took a long hard look in the mirror and I knew my answer.  I wanted to be the one people could count on and trust.  I wanted to be a rock to those around me and not quick sand.  No more broken promises.

So, is the road to hell paved with good intentions? I say yes, but don’t pave that road for yourself, because, the road to heaven is paved with good deeds … I prefer that road, don’t you?

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Single Dating Diva

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