Secrets Revealed: What Women Want

Now there’s the million dollar question! What do women REALLY want? Is there a clear answer? Is there a one size fits all solution?  My answer? Yes and no.  Like with everything in life, it depends on the people and the situation.  However, one thing is common among women … what women want is a REAL MAN.  What does that mean?

Women Want a Real Man

Let’s start by talking about what a real man isn’t.  A real man isn’t one who is lazy, has no source of income and sits at home playing video games and drinking beer all day.  A real man isn’t one who gets off on manipulating, lying and playing on women’s emotions and feelings stringing them along.  A real man isn’t one who has no personal and professional goals or aspirations in life.  A real man isn’t one who is jealous and possessive of every little thing.  A real man isn’t passive.  A real man isn’t a “man child”.  A real man isn’t one who belittles others.

What IS a real man?  A real man IS a man who is confident, decisive and assertive.  A real man IS a man who  works hard to provide emotionally, physically and financially for himself and his partner/family.  A real man IS  protective of his woman, appreciates her and makes sure all her needs are met.  A real man IS one who works on his relationship to make it better. A real man IS one who takes care of his appearance and has good personal hygiene practices.  A real man IS both tough and sensitive at the same time.  A real man IS brave and strong.

Notice what I left out? I left out looks, weight and height.  Really guys, as long as you’re clean and relatively well put together most women will give you a chance.  I also left out spending a lot of money on women.  You shouldn’t have to spend your life savings in order to impress a woman.  If a woman bypasses you because you don’t spend money on her than she’s not the right one for you.  Same thing goes if she places a lot of emphasis on your physical looks.

What Do Women REALLY Want?

What Women WantWhat women want is a life partner, a companion, someone to share their life with.  They want a dependable REAL MAN who is there for the long haul.  She doesn’t want a guy who agrees with everything she says and sweeps problems under the rug.  She wants a man who will work to make their relationship stronger even through the challenges.  What this looks like is different for everyone, however, it is still important to find someone who is on the same page as you for all your core values.  Now take heed all you shy and passive guys … you NEED to get over your fears if you want a woman.  I speak with many of you who lack the confidence and assertiveness to get what you want out of life (especially women) and that’s what is holding you back.  You need to break out of your shell … trust me on this you won’t regret it because you can only get so far on pity dates.

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Single Dating Diva

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  1. Absolutely right on needing to be assertive. That extends well beyond dating, too. If you want to be more successful at life as a whole, being assertive is a must. You can’t just take what you’re given, you’ve got to ask for what you want.


  2. This list is true for heterosexual men in ALL areas of life! Be MEN for godssakes! Love the list – and what a real man is NOT. I think it should be required reading for all adolescent boys.


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