Wooing A Woman Isn’t So Hard To Do If You Know How To Woo

Wooing a woman isn’t so hard to do.  The art of courting is an old one, some men are good at it and some not so good.  What makes a good woo?  Well, lots of things … it’s really a personal thing.  Some things work for some guys while other things really don’t.  You need to know how to gauge a woman’s interest and keep doing what seems to be working.  So today I’m going to help you get your flirt on and make you the guy the women want to be with.

5 Easy Tips For Wooing A Woman 

  1. wooing-a-womanEye Contact: When you speak with a woman ALWAYS, ALWAYS look her in the eyes.  Don’t look around at other people but only at her.  Make her feel like she’s the only girl in the room.  Just don’t be creepy about it.
  2. Show Interest In Her Life: When you are interested in a woman you have to be interested in her life. Ask about her day, refer to something she mentioned in a previous conversation and check in if you know she had something going on that day.  Make her feel like she’s important and special to you.  Just don’t be clingy.
  3. Make Her Laugh: Nothing is more important than a sense of humor.  Women LOVE a man who can make her laugh. That doesn’t mean sending her dirty or off color jokes.  It means being witty and being a good story teller.  Just don’t be “funny” at the expense of others.
  4. Be A Man: What women want is a REAL MAN.  What that means is a man who’s confident, assertive, established, intelligent, takes care of himself and takes care of her physically and emotionally.  Peter Pans need not apply! Just don’t be a chauvinist.
  5. Look Good: Let’s not kid ourselves first impressions matter and first impressions are always based on how someone looks.  You could be the most amazing man in the world but if you smell bad and dress like a homeless person then no woman will look at you.  Let’s be honest here.  Take care of your body and your appearance.  Just don’t overdo it, a women doesn’t want her man to compete with her.


Following these easy tips will help you in wooing a woman and make you more endearing to women in general.  Make sure whatever you do comes naturally and it’s not fake or forced.  Wooing a woman needs to be smooth, so if it isn’t then you need to practice until it is.  Women want a confident man who’s going to make them feel like the luckiest woman in the world.  You want to make all other women envious of her … that’s really what she’s looking for.  So be a catch and trust me you’ll be caught! Everyone will want you.  I’ve recently met an expert at wooing a woman and didn’t know what hit me until I snapped out of it and said “wow, you’re good”.

Be THAT guy.  Trust me BE. THAT. GUY. I’ve just given you some tools for your arsenal … what are you going to do about it?

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. Leaving two comments for you, because that is how much I like ya! 😉 I think those are all good points. I however have a killer technique that has never failed and it’s an extension of the “being a real man” rule.


  2. I think you could synthesize it down to a simple list of 3 things that would be key for not just wooing, but for building more and better human relationships. Empathy, curiosity, and attention. Basically think about where the other person’s perspective is coming from, be genuinely curious about them, and give them your full attention while you’re speaking to each other.


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