What Makes Women Run For The Hills

run for the hillsI often get email from my readers and clients about how women seemed to be repelled by them.  They don’t understand why these women seem to slip through their fingers.  I also asked women not too long ago what they want in a partner and what they don’t want.  Essentially, what makes them run for the hills.  I get it, I mean I’ve met men that made me run the other way and, I will admit, some men have run away from me … yes, I know, hard to believe LOL … but it’s just part of our humanity, we are attracted to some people like magnets while we are repelled by others like the plague.  It’s completely normal.  So what is it that makes women run for the hills?  Well, I’ll tell you …

Run, Forest, Run …


Nothing is worse than a desperate man.  A while back I wrote a post called Desperation is NOT Attractive.  Nothing is worse than a guy who can’t take a hint.  If a woman rejects you once, twice, again and again, she doesn’t want you, she’s not interested, so bow out gracefully, lick your wounds and move on.  Persistence isn’t going to pay off.  People can smell desperation from a mile away and believe me she’s going to run for the hills.

Bad Hygiene

Time and again I have to remind men that they really have to care about what they look and smell like.  I mean really, why should I have to keep saying it?  Body odor is not cool, neither are dirty, smelly clothes.  Now that I mention it, can you PLEASE trim your ear and nose hairs?  Oh ya, and those unruly eyebrows need to be controlled.  Passing gas is not acceptable, neither is picking your nose or scratching your balls, especially if you have to put your hand in your pants to do it.  Brushed teeth are very much appreciated as are clean ears.  Just saying.

No Ambition

Women LOVE a man who’s ambitious.  No one wants to be with a lazy bum.  Ambitious doesn’t have to mean that they are wealthy, but it does mean they are gainfully employed and have goals in life.  They have something to accomplish and they work to achieve it, if they don’t succeed they keep trying.  Women love a man who’s excited about something – a new project, an idea or even a new goal.  Ambition is VERY SEXY, lack of ambition and laziness in a man dries women up like the Sahara.


Women are looking to feel safe with the person they are with, not wonder whether or not this person is some sort of a registered predator.  I’ve been on dates where just the person’s energy makes me feel scared, or even the way they look at me.  That crazy look in their eyes.  Creepy guys stare at you for extended periods of time seeming not to even blink.  They follow you around and appear seemingly out of nowhere when you least expect it.  Guys, here is a good article about how to curb your creepy behavior.  If a women doesn’t feel safe, they won’t stick around, in fact they will run for the hills.


Guys, if you’re more in love and preoccupied with your own reflection than the woman you’re with you will definitely make her run for the hills.  A woman wants a man who’s attentive to her needs, who will say nice things to her, who is responsive and who thinks the world of her.  Even if he’s the hottest man on earth, she will get bored of him eventually if he’s got nothing else to offer.  These guys also tend to think no girl is really good enough for them and are never satisfied with any woman, regardless of how hard she tries or how gorgeous and intelligent she is.  The only one good enough for him is the person he sees in the mirror.


Although the appeal of the player is obvious, these typically alpha males have red flags all over them.  They are appealing initially because they are well put together, say all the right things and have all the right moves.  They have the entire package, and they are usually surrounded by admirers.  But, a woman need only be burned once or twice by a player to make her run for the hills the next time one comes her way.  Players play because we let them play, but in the end, women want stability, something players can’t give them.


Sometimes a guy shows signs of being possessive early on.  Although it’s great to know that the person you’re with gets a bit jealous and possessive with you, there are limits.  It goes too far when it is a constant battle with them, they don’t trust you and their suspicions are unfounded.  This is a BIG RED FLAG.  Lines can be crossed very easily and you need to be careful.  That is why when a woman comes across a guy who is too possessive she will usually run for the hills.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but you get the idea.  Women just want to be loved, respected and to feel secure by someone relatively attractive and normal (whatever that means to them).  Not too much to ask I think.

In the end it comes down to choosing the right partner for them who will make their worlds a BETTER place, not worse.  Isn’t that what EVERYONE is looking for?  That’s what I thought.

Ladies, what makes you run for the hills? Men, have you had women slip through your fingers? Would love to hear about it in the comments!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. Most of those could easily be applied to both genders. I’ve had to walk away from narcissistic girls, and clingy desperate girls. Everyone that’s legitimately trying to date should read lists like this and really try to get in touch with where any of these traits might be coming from.


  2. Hygiene FO SHO – and there something to be said for a man who understands grooming beyond that. Great shoes, snappy clothing choices, and proper use of hair products are a sure fire way to get me drooling.


  3. I was recently on an online dating site and I’ve had a few men, send me multiple paragraphs about why they are perfect for me. It takes the fun out of getting to know someone and it scares me.


  4. What makes me run for hills are guys who want to talk about sex immediately. And when they refer to me as sexy as a nickname and we’ve just met. And when they start referencing body parts ( theirs and mine). It screams raper man to me. Women don’t want a sexually, aggressive guy.


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