Why Breaking Up Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

I took a stroll over to Relationship Surgery where I had a little chat about how breaking up isn’t really all that bad … 

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We’ve all been through breakups and it’s not an easy process.  Dating is a series of ups and down, highs and lows.  With each and every experience we learn something new about ourselves and about what we want (and don’t want) in a partner.  It’s all about perspective.  Are breakups really a bad thing? I say no and here’s why.

Breaking Up Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

I truly believe that if you’re meant to be with someone you will be.  Sometimes relationships don’t work out and that’s completely OK because they weren’t the right person for you.  You and them were NOT a good fit, if you were then you would still be together.  Harsh? Not at all.  Realistic? Very.  Think about it, whatever reason you and them broke up was real and valid enough to end your relationship.  Sad as it may be, it’s almost always for the best.  You need to take your experience, learn from it and stay true to your path to find someone better for you, your ideal partner.

How To Deal With A Broken Heart

You Deal with a broken heart ONE DAY AT A TIME. Here are my top 10 tips that I give my readers and clients that they’ve found very helpful:

1. Let yourself feel what you need to feel – it’s OK to have a range of emotions, just allow yourself to grieve the lost relationship and also feel the pain, but also give yourself permission to laugh and be happy.

2. Cry your heart out when you feel like crying – if you feel like crying then cry, there’s nothing wrong with it because it will relieve some tension and make you feel better.

3. Do something that makes you happy – whatever you enjoy doing do it whether it’s playing a sport, watching movies or going to the spa.

4. Talk to someone you trust – this can be a friend, a teacher, a co-worker or even a therapist but if you need to talk then talk to someone.

5. Don’t over analyze every single word they said and action they did – you will drive yourself crazy if you keep thinking about everything just let it go, trust me letting it go will be extremely freeing.

6. Surround yourself with people who care about you – this is the time to lean on those who care about you like your closest friends and family.

7. Be productive – don’t mope around the house, go out and do something, focusing on something will help you out of your rut.

8. Take care of your health – make sure to eat, exercise and maintain your personal hygiene this is extremely important because no one is worth you getting sick over.

9. Don’t harm yourself – this goes without saying NO ONE is worth harming yourself for, NO ONE.

10. Boost your ego – do something special for yourself that makes you feel good, get a makeover or buy a new outfit.

Remember that every breakup brings you closer to your ideal partner, it’s all about perspective.  Breakups are a learning process, you can either let it defeat you or you can rise up stronger and more resilient.  What’s important is that you ALWAYS be true to you.  It’s your choice, choose wisely.

How do you deal with breakups? What works for you? I would love to hear about it!

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