Benefits of Dating a Professional, Independent Woman: Guest Post

In today’s guest post, the author from eHarmony Canada talks about how dating a professional, independent woman is actually a good thing!

Dating someone who is in control of her life and needs can be exciting, but you might sometimes wonder how a relationship fits into the mix. Does she really need a partner or is she looking to kill time between meetings? If you’re feeling a bit insecure, don’t panic – strong, independent women still need romantic relationships. Here are some benefits to dating a professional woman.

Where To Find a Professional Woman?

Professional Women DatingIf you want a partner who is organised, trust-worthy and secure in herself, online dating is a great way to find her. Because career-oriented people may not have lots of time to look for love, websites like are very popular as they’re quick, efficient and can link you up with other singles easily.

Another option is to network within your own career – office romances may not be a great choice but there will be plenty of conferences, meetings and business events where you can get to know other people within your line of work.

The Benefits of Being Independent

A good relationship thrives on both partners being secure in themselves and not relying too heavily on each other for validation. Do you really want a partner who is clingy and not confident? When someone is able to take control of their life, they often have a better capacity for a healthy relationship.

A Challenging Partner – Is It All Bad?

Women who are focused on their careers are usually more set on their goals and determined to achieve them. This can have some excellent benefits for your relationship. There’ll be much less chance of getting stuck in a rut and your partner can help give you the push you need to achieve your own goals. There is something to be said for having someone around who won’t let you rest on your laurels.

Busy People Get More Done

It’s been said that if you want something done quickly, ask a busy person to do it. Because your partner is organised, you’ll be able to schedule in lots of time to see each other.  Rather than having vague plans which are easy to forget about, try to schedule in lunch dates around work or whisk her away for a romantic mini-break at the weekend. She may not be available at a moment’s notice, but a relationship with a professional woman is all about compromise.


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  1. Great, where do I find me one of these motivated ladies. I would imagine she would also be active enough to get outside and do healthy activities like bike, hike and have some creative interests 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing this blog. I know that I am the “Independent Woman”. I used to do the Online Dating, but I gave up due to so many disappointments. I do go out at least once a week, so where should I go to meet some quality guys?


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