The Dating Bargain Bin. Don’t Be a Dollar Store Dater!

Everyone’s looking for a great bargain.  I mean how good does it feel when you get something you really wanted for the fraction of the price? How about when your favorite product is on sale? The biggest shopping bonanzas center around big deals and discounts.  We all fall into that “bargain” trap.  What’s in the bargain bin? It’s the stuff that they couldn’t sell, stuff that’s damaged bad stuff that’s returned. Every once in a while you’ll find a gem but not typically. That’s why dollar stores and outlets are so popular … I mean why pay more when you can pay less for the same thing? Right? Right.

Now … what about when it comes to dating? Do you pick from the dating bargain bin? Are you so lonely that you’re willing to pick out of the bargain bin just so that you can have someone, anyone? Or, wait, is that dating bargain bin all there is? Especially when you’re past 35?  Sometimes I wonder.

The Dating Bargain Bin


So let’s talk about the dating bargain bin.  Sometimes it feels like everyone I meet is right out of a dating bargain bin, do you?  Who’s in the dating bargain bin?

  • people with unresolved baggage
  • people with commitment phobias
  • people with anti-social tendencies
  • people with money issues
  • people who are players
  • people who use other people
  • people with bad hygiene
  • people who are manipulative
  • people who have no life skills
  • people who are divorced and marriage skittish
  • people who are extremely desperate
  • people who are workaholics
  • etc etc …

Well, you get the idea … but think about it … once you get to a certain age, being single means something completely different than it used to be.  Could it be that we’re ALL in this bargain bin?  Yikes … I hope not, but, well … I think we all have issues, especially the older we get.  Some more than others of course.  I mean I had a whole lot of baggage to deal with after my divorce before I was ready for another real relationship.  But, what happens when the bargain bin is all you’ve got? Do you settle or do you wait for something better?

Don’t Be a Dollar Store Dater!

To settle or not to settle … that is the question! You need to have some standards … know what you’re getting into.  You can either set yourself up for success or failure in dating.  It’s all about perspective.  Date smart my friends! Although it may seem that there’s slim pickings out there in the bargain bin you don’t have to settle for less than what you want and less than what you deserve.  You know who you are and what you’re worth.  Be true to you.  That is the secret to dating success … imagine that!

What do you think? Do you feel like you’re dating out of the bargain bin? Are you a dollar store dater? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. Very funny Suzie. Some times those bargain bin dates end up on the full price shelves by mistake, so you still have to watch that. But also, a full price date can accidently end up in the bargain bin. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the bargain bin, being passed over because I look maybe like a bargain, since I don’t drive a fancy sports car or wear clothes from a fancy store. OK, maybe also add that I’m retired or as one lady wanted… a guy with blue eyes 🙂 So we all overlook qualities in people at times…. going for the obvious suggestions of possessions or positions in life. In my early days, I was rejected because I was a factory worker. Of course I did find a few intelligent women out in the market place that married me … or later dated me ….and judging me as a person and who I was, not what I did for a living.


    • Thanks Andy. There’s a difference between being picky about superficial things, like nose size, and having
      standards. I settled and ended up divorced and won’t be making that mistake again. I will not settle now nor later because my sanity is worth me waiting for the right person for me. If you settle then you will suffer the consequences. I know from experience.


  2. I guess it’s better to be alone than in a relationship that is totally wrong for you, but there has to be some room for compromise because no one is going to be perfect and you might be settling in a different way (for a life without a partner) if you are overly picky.

    We all have some bargain bin qualities – it’s just a case of deciding which flaws are unacceptable in a partner and where you draw the line – and then hoping the acceptable partners don’t mind our bargain bin flaws. (I’m not sure the shopping analogy works with people so well when it is actually our imperfections that make us who we are and differentiate us from robots.)


    • Thanks Ana. You are quite right! We all have had a stint in the bargain bin ourselves. No one is perfect that’s for sure, but you just have to decide which imperfections you can live with while still being true to yourself.


  3. I’m cracking up at “Dollar Store Dater!” LOL! I must admit that I’ve “searched for sales” before and you get what you pay for. That bin is full of everything you don’t want in a relationship, but it’s an easy purchase for some. Maybe if someone is on the rebound will the bargain bin be for them.


  4. I find this funny. I am guilty of dollar store dating . There are some things I compromise . I agree with you. We should only date men who are worth it. I learned many of these guys have problems. I do not want to deal with it.


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