Your Favorite Single Dating Diva Posts of 2013

single-dating2013 was quite the year for me … very eventful personally and for my site.  Some good, some not so good but still very thankful for all that I have, and for all of you!

I wanted to tell you how immensely grateful I am for all your support this year.  You came from all over the globe, 189 countries, in fact! It’s been a great year and interacting with you has been a pleasure!

This year I launched a couple new features on my site, mainly “Ask Single Dating Diva” which has proved to be very popular.  Thank you for all your questions, I enjoy helping you out where I can.  I also launched Single Dating Ottawa which allows me use my educational background in interpersonal communications and my dating expertise to more professionally help those who need it most.  I am one lucky girl!

I wanted to share with you the Top 5 favorite Single Dating Diva posts of 2013:

5. Ask Single Dating Diva: My Boyfriend Wants To Have A Threesome

4. Is Defining a Relationship Necessary?

3. Secrets Revealed: Men Need To Feel Needed

2. Is Casual Sex The Junk Food Equivalent of Sex?

And the top Single Dating Diva post of 2013 is …

1. Can Your Booty Call Turn Into A Relationship?

I am not surprised about the number 1 post.  It’s the most frequent question I get from people … that’s why I recommend that people don’t engage in Booty Call behavior and Casual Sex unless they know fully what they are getting into and they are able to disengage their feelings from the sexual act itself.

But I have to say, still going strong for the second year in a row is:

Booty Call-iquette When You’re Single and Dating

Thank you again lovelies and I wish you nothing but the best of love, health and happiness in 2014! May you have everything good that your heart desires! XOXO

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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