Are You Dating a Player? Some Red Flags …: Guest Post

There are 23 Red Flags That You’re Dating A Player.

Do You Know Them All?

Here Are Just a Few of Them …

You Have Never Met Any of His Friends.

This is the first serious give away that you’re being played. When a man is serious about his new woman, and is proud to be with her, he will take her everywhere he can, to show her off to his friends. Men are very competitive by nature, so it’s in his DNA to want to brag to his friends and show off his “new girl.”

Wait a few weeks to see what he does. In the first few weeks of a relationship, especially if it’s a whirlwind romance, you two are going to be in such a deep infatuation stage that you won’t come up for air for a while.
Once you’ve been dating a few weeks, see if he asks you out to hang out with his friends at his favorite bar, lounge, etc. If it’s winter time, pay especially close attention to see if he invites you to any Holiday parties (work or parties thrown by friends). If he doesn’t invite you to any of the Holiday parties, it’s very clear that you’re just a booty call.

dating-a-playerYou’ve Never Been to His Place

Players are very private about where they live. You may know what part of the city he lives in, but he’s never bothered inviting you over to hang out. It’s very likely he’s either married, or a Player. There’s also the possibility that he’s still living with his parents and is embarrassed to tell you. It’s important to determine what his living scenario is before you determined if he’s a Player.

Offer to cook him a home cooked dinner. If he turns you down, all your alarms should be going off! No man would ever turn down a home cooked meal knowing that the dessert is YOU!

There’s actually a good reason why most Players won’t ever tell you where they live. It doesn’t take long for a Player to learn that sometimes, when a woman finds out she’s been played; the results can get downright ugly! A broken house window, or keyed car later, and he quickly learns that if he’s going to Play with women’s emotions, it’s in his best interest to make sure that none of the girls know where he lives. Of course there’s that other issue of a girl making an unannounced visit when one of the other girls in your rotation is already there.

All You Have is His Cell Phone and Maybe an Email Address

If the only way you ever can get in touch with your new man is through email or his cell phone, chances are he’s either married, living with another woman, or a Player. You don’t know where he lives or have his home phone number? Sorry girls, but if this is the case, you’re in trouble.

He Never Calls You by Your Name

One of the most prolific Players I’ve ever known NEVER ever called a woman by her name. She was always “babe, “or “Sexy” or “baby” but never, ever by her name. One day I asked him why he never called his women by their proper names. He laughed and said, “One day after having sex with one of the girls I was seeing I said, ‘Sarah that was amazing!’ The problem is, her name was Angela!” He roared with laughter. “Needless to say, she quickly got dressed, and I never saw or heard from her again. I decided then and there that using names was too dangerous when you’re seeing several ladies at the same time.” So, pay close attention to whether or not he ever uses your name.

You Rarely Go Out On Dates

Players will spend the least amount of money that they need to. It’s basic economics, if he’s sleeping with three, four, or more women, how much money do you think he’d be blowing through per week if he was spending $50 per date? With four women, that would be $200 per week or $800 per month. Nowadays it’s way too easy to drop $100 for a great date. Now you’re at $1,600 per month. Now you know that’s not going to happen. Most likely, he’ll try to win you over with some fun, unique low budget dates in order to separate you from your panties.

Derek Wellington is the author of Player Proof: The Uncensored Dating Guide For Women: How to Beat Players at Their Own Game, Meet THE ONE! where you can find the rest of the red flags and so much more! Make sure to follow Derek on Twitter!

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