Meeting Your Match at a Wedding: Guest Post

If you’re single and ready to mingle then a wedding can often turn out to be the perfect place to meet a new partner, or to step up a budding relationship to the next level. After all, what better recipe for love than meeting at an event which celebrates the happy coming together of two people? With so much love and good feeling in the air, it’s no wonder that so many eyes have met across the wedding favours and floral decorations!

Meeting-Your-Match-at-a-WeddingMeeting Your Match at a Wedding

For anyone who’s single and has been invited to a wedding, it can sometimes be a blessing to not be given a plus one. After all, it leaves you free to really mingle and check out the potential talent in the room! Seating plans at weddings are often put together to ensure that fellow singletons can get chatting and get to know one another, so you will hopefully have plenty of opportunity to get to know some single guests over dinner and drinks.

The great thing about weddings is that there is rarely nothing to talk about. Even if you’re sat next to complete strangers, you all have one very obvious thing in common – you all know the happy couple somehow or have some link to them. That makes it pretty easy to make small talk and get chatting to whoever you’re sitting near, whether you’re reminiscing about the time the bride lost her shoes on a night out at college or just discussing how hard it is to come up with good wedding present ideas!

If you are hoping to meet a special someone at the next wedding but don’t like the idea of going alone, you could use your plus one (if you have one) to take a friend. That way you have some moral support in the form of a wingman or wing woman but you’re not limiting yourself by taking a date!

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  1. Unfortunately, my experience with weddings has been somewhat different. At the last two weddings I attended, my friend and I were the only ones at our table that were single. And, the whole time we were told stories about how each couple met and/or how their individual weddings were.


    • Thanks Dee, yes that’s happened to me too and it can be disheartening. I nodded and smiled and only stayed on the table when I had to, the rest of the time I was enjoying myself mingling, at the bar or on the dancefloor.


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