Date Night – 5 Outdoor Ideas That Will Cement Your Relationship: Guest Post

Your short-term relationship is going well, but it’s time to throw down the gauntlet and find out if it’s time to elevate the relationship.  To figure if they’re the one, get a better idea while spending quality hours outdoors. Check out the following five outdoor date night ideas to cement the relationship.

Date Night – 5 Outdoor Ideas That Will Cement Your Relationship


Ask about favorite snacks and drinks to prepare a picnic in the park. Start taking a pleasant drive, resting at a nearby park where you can eat, drink, laugh, and relax.  Make a music list of romantic tunes to play on your smartphone.

As an added surprise, visit the location before and etch your initials in a tree.  When revisiting, take a walk and direct their attention to your declaration of affection.


Head toward the coast and spend hours in the sand and surf.  Depending on preferences, take kayaks, surfboards, alcoholic beverages, grills, etc.

Take friends along, or make it more intimate, planning a walk along the sea as the sun is setting.  To mimic the tree idea, sneak away for a few moments and write a message in the sand, surprising them as you stumble upon it.


Get your hearts going pitter-patter and pulses racing.  Show extra affection through preparation, ensuring your mate is wearing all the necessary safety gear for the bike ride.  Select an appropriate course and timeframe befitting to your mate’s level of athleticism.  Bring along plenty of water and a few snacks to enjoy during breaks.

If inexperienced, the ride will be more enjoyable (and safe) taken through a rural or country setting rather than a busy city with cycling rules and heavy traffic.


Check local listings and attend a city or town fair.  Walk through miles of vendors while eating rare foods, trying a hand at games, and visiting psychics to ask about your relationship’s future.  If you don’t like the outcome of one reading, you can get another done by the TheCircle Psychics.

You may not have enough skills to win them a prize, but they’ll gain a better sense if the relationship is mutually beneficial by spending quality time with you.


If you want to grasp an idea of what it will be like to spend prolonged hours together, start by spending the night in a forest or campground.  Pitch a tent, start a fire, and get cozy.  Go hiking by day and nestle under the stars at night.  ‘Roughing it’ will give indication as to whether things can go well in a number of settings.  Any member of longstanding relationship will reveal; in longstanding relations, things won’t always go as planned.

If you don’t want to sleep outside but like the idea of camping, find sites that provide cabins or indoor accommodations to those staying the night.  Also, consider renting an off-road vehicle for one with a truck bed in the back to accommodate two (or one) sleeping bags.

Is your relationship heading into the future?  Cement or break the bond by spending quality time outdoors!

Marie Mccormack loves to go on dates with husband at least once a week. Happily married for over ten years, she enjoys giving relationship advice to anyone who will listen. Her informative articles appear on a variety of internet blogs, especially love and relationship ones. Follow The Circle on Google+.

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