Put Your Best Face Forward – Big Wins and Epic Fails in Online Dating Photos: Guest Post

Online dating without a gaggle of high quality photos can feel like a sea of rejection. Profiles without photos face astronomical obstacles, not the least is a bevy of distrust, as most scammers make excuses that they “didn’t have time” to post a photo, or are “having technical difficulties.” Photos are the essence of what brings a dating profile alive. Without them, daters often assume you are ashamed of how you appear, or aren’t taking the process seriously.

Put Your Best Face Forward – Big Wins and Epic Fails in Online Dating Photos

The moral is simple: if you’re an online dater, you need photos of yourself. Honest, real, this-is-who-I-am photos. Yet all photos are not created equal. There are some obvious and not-so-obvious rules for what makes a photograph eye-catching. Don’t assume you have to be a model to catch a worthy suitor’s attention. This is about presenting the best version of you possible, not pulling out your best Kate Moss or George Clooney. For tips on how to achieve this savvy goal, heed the following do’s and don’ts.

The Top 3 Tips for a Great Online Dating Photos

online-dating-photoTip 1: Current & Relevant

To start with, please make sure your photos are no more than 5 years old; this is the current you, not the one you’re clinging to from your youth. Next, photos that showcase you doing something you adore (and ideally mention in your profile) create context, action, and intrigue which does wonders to snare a like-minded date.

Tip 2: Be Authentic

Our computers and matchmaking services have made the dating world a much smaller place and is full of eligible singles, so how do you stand out? Show a little emotion. Some say our for most of us, that our left sides are indeed our “best side.” Why? Because as a rule, we show far more emotion from our left side, which translates in photos and can create a deeper resonate in those who view them. Try this trick for yourself; you’ll be impressed with the results.

Tip 3: Sex Appeal

Finally, flirtatiousness and sex appeal are critical. Some women think a demure and less alluring look is best, but don’t be afraid to show your sensual side. On the contrary, revealing your sex appeal through overtly sexual or aggressive photos can be a turn-off, so opt for a classy look, but give ’em your bedroom eyes!

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Daters Make with Their Online Dating Photos

Mistake 1: Pictures That Are Too Far Away

The first rule of thumb feels obvious, but is violated so frequently it’s as if people do it intentionally. Photos from a distance do NOT work because you can’t really make out any of your real features, and it does nothing to express what your personality or looks really convey. It’s a wasted chance at a crucial first impression. If people can’t make out what you look like, it’s not the right dating profile photo or for a chat room.

Mistake 2: Bad Selfies

Selfies, believe it or not, are a yes. They normally are close-ups that show your true self, and in the right setting, they can be adorable and very telling. But shooting a selfie when you are not, ahem, looking your best is just plain crazy. Think about who you are trying to attract, and convey that to a photo like the one below. Please show that you have decent hygiene and don’t look like you just rolled in a horse barn on a regular basis.

Mistake 3: Bad Behavior

Drunk pics are never OK and finally, guys, this one is for you – please don’t ever, ever post photos of drinking beer and shooting guns. Especially TOGETHER. About the only response you can expect to garner is winding up on someone’s worst photo list. This isn’t about you proving you’re a tough guy – women just want to see what you look like. Posing as a drunken, gun-toting maniac is not the way to a real woman’s heart.

You are now equipped to put your best face forward. Good luck in the online dating frontier!

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READERS: What are some of the best or worst online dating photos you’ve encountered? Are you guilty of any of the mistakes mentioned here?

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