Travel and Dating? Yes Please! Be a Date Explorer!

All over the world people are looking for love … how do they find it? Well, most do it by dating of course!! Wherever you go they do things a little differently. From the way they meet a potential significant other, the way they express interest in someone, flirting, going on a date, first kiss … sex! Even the little differences could make a big impact on someone coming from the outside. So how do you know? You become a date explorer that’s how! Keep reading to see how you can have your very own “Date Explorer” dreams come true!

Travel and Dating? Yes Please! Be a Date Explorer!

date-explorer-travel-datingEvery time I travel somewhere new, I love to integrate myself into the culture. One of these ways is to meet the local hotties. Foreign men are always so intriguing. I’m lucky to live in a very multicultural city and country that I am exposed to many different cultures and ways of dating. However, there’s certainly no substitute for experiencing people in their own natural habitat! I find it so fascinating just to people watch and see how they interact AND pick up! In most places I’ve been, men aren’t shy about expressing interest and women aren’t shy about playing the coquette … women LOVE to get their flirt on! In North America we’ve definitely lost the art of the mating game which is why we need to learn from those still playing it.

Dating in many places around the world is very much a public affair. People go out as groups of friends and meet people at public events. This is because it isn’t culturally acceptable to be alone until official intentions are declared. The main objective of dating is marriage and you can forget about sex before marriage (that would decrease your “value”). However, in many western cultures, this isn’t the case. In countries where dating is more socially acceptable, the physicality of dating takes center stage and sexual chemistry is plays a prominent role. If there’s no sexual chemistry, to them, there’s no point in moving forward with someone.

In France, men are quite forward and if they like you then you’re set, no point in beating around the bush or playing hard to get. What a breath of fresh air that would be! Not having to try and figure someone out! In Brazil, apparently it’s all about the kiss and men posturing, displaying their masculinity … sign me up!! In Italy, image is everything, as are traditions, everyone is looking for the ideal (let’s not forget to mention many Italian men are mamma’s boys so if you don’t get mamma’s approval FORGET IT). So many men to explore … so little time!! Time to book my tickets somewhere new … all in the name of research of course!!

READERS: Did you ever travel and date? What was your experience? Any fun stories to share? We’d love to hear them!

A Real Opportunity to be Your VERY OWN Date Explorer!!

So how can YOU become a “Date Explorer“? is offering one lucky single from the UK a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to jet off around the world in search of new dating tips. If you love to travel, meet new people, learn about the way people date all around the world then here’s your chance! When I heard about this contest I couldn’t resist sharing it with my readers from “across the pond”!! Imagine!! You get to go to New York, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Stockholm and Paris. In each city you get the opportunity sample the local dating scene to find the pearls of wisdom that could help turn Brits into better daters.

The trip will last for six weeks and take place during June and July 2015, with all hotel and travel costs covered (plus a generous expense account!). Just click on the image below to sign up for this opportunity of a lifetime! You will need to let them know what makes you the ideal candidate for this great experience. You never know, you might just find your happily ever after in some exotic locale! Best of luck!!


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  1. I really enjoyed this article. I usually date when I travel and a lot of times I date travelers that are visiting my country. It allows me to learn many cultural aspects that otherwise wouldn’t be possible to know.
    Some of the best people I know I met this way! Yey for globalization!


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