Dating Question: Sharing Sexual History

sharing-sexual-historyIs sharing your sexual history an effective “safe sex” practice? How much information sharing is required? Are there some things that are more “need to know” versus “none of your business”? Does not sharing qualify as “risky sexual behavior”? Those are some great questions currently being discussed by many in the relationship communication fields. Recently, I came across an article called “How Honest Are Individuals About Their Sexual Histories? Communication, Sex and Risk”. In it the case is made for sharing sexual histories as an important safe sex practice, including how many partners you’ve had. I have read the research (thanks to article author / subject researcher Professor Horan) and have my own thoughts on the subject, but I wanted your confidential and honest opinion …

Dating Question: Sharing Sexual History

Please answer the following questions confidentially and see how your answers compare with others!

Thanks everyone! We’ll be discussing this topic on a future episode of the SexLoveChat Podcast so stay tuned!

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  1. I’m mixed on this. Part of me thinks it’s important to know but the other is it effects how they view you. Many years ago I vowed to remain abstinent until marriage but before then I had an active sex life doing everything you can imagine. Part of the reason I became abstinent is because men treated me differently and I often moved into booty call view instead of girlfriend. As a result I don’t think I’ll be honest now about things like how many partners.


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