Dating Younger Men: Guest Post

Dating-Younger-MenWhen it comes to dating, we all have different tastes. Some of us enjoy the company of someone close to our age as we feel we have more in common, making us closer; whilst others prefer the experience and wisdom which comes with a partner which is older than us. Then there are those of us who enjoy the excitement of dating younger men, whether it be for a lifelong partnership or just casual encounters.

Dating Younger Men

Physically Younger

For those of us who enjoy dating younger men, the benefits are obvious. Younger men look better are more energetic, they bring in a wave of excitement and dynamism often unmatched by partners of our own age. This can be said about the physical aspects of younger partners, where youth not only brings in good looks but also brings in better physical health. Younger men often have a high energy and which can really make a difference in our everyday love life and sex life. And just because they appreciate our experience doesn’t mean that they haven’t lived themselves. The fact is that they can bring a lot to the table in the physical department.

Psychologically Younger

Looks and physical energy are not the only advantages of dating younger men. Younger men coming from a different generation often have a different attitude towards things, a different hindsight which can really bring that much needed refreshment to our lives. Having things to learn from each other can really keep the relationship lively and exciting, where we get the chance to discover something new on an almost daily basis.

Men Who Like Older Women Really Appreciate Us

There is one thing to be said about men who like older women: they know what they want. And there is nothing more attractive than a man who is focused and knows exactly what they are after. There can be many reasons why men are looking for older women, outside of the obvious ‘gold digger’ cliché. The main reason is that they find women their age to lack maturity and experience. They value us for who we are and what we can bring to their lives and are often better at communicating their affection and appreciation than their older counterparts.

Does Dating Younger Men Make Us Cougars?

Women of a certain age who enjoy the company of younger men are labelled as ‘cougar’. The term is being used as a comparison to a predator which hunts and selects its prey carefully before going for the kill. In our case, we are the hunter and the younger men are our prey. The expression ‘cougar’ also adds the idea that we are feisty creatures, with a relentless appetite for young men. Whilst there is no real need for labels in real life, the cougar label can be handy when we are looking to find a new younger partner. For example, some dating websites use the cougar label to make it easier for women who are looking for a younger partner. After all, searching in the right places will increase our chances of success at finding the right younger partner we are looking for.

READERS: Are you an older women who dates younger men? Men do you prefer older women? Would love to get your thoughts and experience in the comments below!

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  1. nice pov. well, I’m still very young myself and honestly, I’ve never dated a younger man. but I certainly enjoyed some casual encounters with some men being a few years younger (min 19yo) n can only say that a few of those encounters were among the best sex I’ve ever had. I also liked the position of being the “experienced one ” n like to tease the men with the fact they r younger. maybe they feel they have to prove sth ń give me the best they got because they guess I’ve seen quite some good stuff already. just a theory 😀 if that’s true though, I’ll sure as hell keep doing that


  2. If I was seeking just sex I’d look for a younger man who was hot. However I seek a partner so I want a man my age. He does have to be young for his age because I am.


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