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Congratulations, they said yes to a first date! As if getting to that point isn’t hard enough, now you have to figure out how to make it a great first date. Well, it’s all about the preparation and the planning. eHarmony Canada has some excellent tips on how to plan a great first date, but what happens when you’re on the date? You certainly want to make a great first impression on a first date.  Now, what if you had some

Now, what if you had some fail proof methods of leaving with your pride intact? It all begins with realizing that, in addition to looking good, what comes out of your mouth is even MORE important. Being well prepared could mean the difference between securing that second date and never even getting a chance! Luckily, I’m here to help you put your best foot forward with my top 5 ways to make a great impression on a first date!

Top 5 Ways to Make a Great Impression on a First Date

Making a great impression on a first date is really all about being the best version of yourself. What that does is leave them wanting more of what you have to offer. Isn’t that why you’re dating to begin with? OK my friends it’s time … Ready, set, date!

Be Well Put Together

This means look and feel your best with:

  • Proper hygiene from your head to your toes.
  • Making sure everything is in the right place, clean and smelling nice.
  • Dressing for the occasion.
  • Doing a mirror check before going in.
  • Rescheduling if you’re not feeling well to avoid any awkward disasters.

Be Prepared

Be an interesting date by:

  • Doing your homework about the place you’re going to and the area as well as thinking of alternatives just in case.
  • Preparing topics of discussion that are outside the norm (like current affairs, current events, your aspirations, what you are passionate about, interesting stories about yourself).
  • Making sure there is an even distribution of each of you speaking, so ask relevant questions as well as follow up questions.

Have Positive Body Language

This means being confident and outgoing with:

  • Proper posture making you look well put together (and is slimming).
  • Eye contact especially if they’re speaking with you.
  • Interactive gestures to show that you’re listening (such a nodding).
  • Smiling which makes you look more inviting and friendly.
  • Leaning towards them showing you’re engaged in the conversation and interested.

Be Natural

It’s important to be true to you because you want them to want your true authentic self, this means:

  • Be yourself and don’t try to act a certain way to impress them.
  • Let your true personality shine through, even if it’s a little quirky.
  • Talking about things you’re interested in as well as your favourite pastimes.
  • Avoid lying about yourself and your experiences.
  • Staying genuine and being yourself (but polishing any rough edges you have is also important).

Be Courteous

This should go without saying, but being respectful and courteous is extremely important. Things to remember:

  • Be polite to your date as well as the service staff that you encounter.
  • Avoid off-colour jokes or negative remarks about anyone (including your ex).
  • Close on a good note which keeps them wanting more.
  • Always arrive a few minutes early and if you know that you’re going to be late make sure to let your date know.

So there you have it, my top 5 ways to make a great impression on a first date! These will help you get that second date if you choose, or at the very least, ensure your dates are always positive experiences. Happy dating!!

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Originally appeared on eHarmony Canada.


  1. I like it and I especially like the comments about hygiene. Sounds obvious but I’ve gone on dates with men who were slobs and it was short and never again.


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