Top 5 Ways to Find Love in the New Year (with Video)

find-love-new-yearThe busiest time of year for online dating is almost upon us!! Apparently, according to experts,  January 3rd is when people will sign up for profiles and get serious about finding love after having to suffer through the holidays alone. But how to really find love in the new year? Well, I’ve already discussed Your Essential Top 5 Dating Resolutions for the New Year but now I want to get more specific. I was recently on CTV Ottawa Morning Live discussing this very topic … here are my Top 5 Ways to Find Love in the New Year!

Top 5 Ways to Find Love in the New Year

1.Get out of the house

  • It sounds cliché but it’s very important that you get off the couch and into civilization.
  • Attend social events, fundraisers, networking events or professional gatherings and mingle with people you DON’T know.
  • Go to a trendy, busy place – there’s at least one in every area of the city – and force yourself to meet at least one new person (even if it doesn’t end up in anything).

2.Get a hobby

  • Learn something new, take a class.
  • Participate in events that interest you.
  • Volunteer with an organization – find love by giving love.
  • Get sporty, join a local league.
  • Join a group with common interests.

3.Get serious about finding someone

  • Choose online dating sites that take effort to sign up and more serious relationship oriented.
  • Put effort into your online dating profile.
  • Attend events geared at singles, there are many out there, I hold many different events and master classes for every price point and interest.
  • Be where other singles are and mingle.
  • Get off your phone and be open to chatting with people in public (open body language).
  • Ask your network of friends, family, coworkers if they know anyone.

4.Keep your eyes on the prize

  • Write down the top 5 reasons someone would want to date you & write down the non-negotiable traits you want from a partner. Put all these up on your fridge or bathroom mirror where you can always see them and focus on them.
  • No pity parties! Don’t let yourself be discouraged. Enjoy dating but focusing on the process and not the outcome when you go out on dates.

5.Work on Yourself

  • Enhance yourself physically, mentally & emotionally – look good, feel good.
  • Unpack and get rid of your significant baggage, get an attitude adjustment.
  • Be grateful & live with gratitude every day – it makes a HUGE difference in your frame of mind when you’re single.
  • Have a positive attitude – what you put in you’ll get out of your dating life, if you are always complaining how there are no good people out there then that’s what you’ll attract.
  • Be a marketable product – you have to think of yourself as a product that you have to promote in the best way possible to stand out from the crowd.

Check out my segment on CTV Ottawa Morning Live by clicking here or on the picture! Do share if you find it helpful!


Hope this helps you find love in the new year!

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva

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  1. I’m going to work on my body. Get back in shape, do something better with my hair, etc. If I look better maybe I’ll find someone. I’m considering a dating site again but all I seem to get are old men and single dads so I might lower my standards on older men, assuming they don’t have kids. Not crazy about dating geezers but it’s better than nothing.


  2. All great ideas. By the way, where do singles 40+ mingle these days? A bit more challenging to get out when you’re a single parent running around for your kids’ sporting and school activities.


    • I’m over 40 so that is a problem. However at least I’m in a different position because I don’t have kids (and don’t date dads)so it’s a different problem. How about parents without parents events?


  3. do you have any recommendations for dating sites that are more serious relationship-oriented. The few that I’ve tried absolutely disgusted me since it was mostly about the hookup culture. If you have any suggestions that would be so helpful! Thanks!

    -Single for too long, desperately in need of a date


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