How Important Is Chemistry on a Date?

I often get asked about the importance of chemistry and what role it has to play in dating success. Short answer? Chemistry is very important. Long answer? Well, chemistry is an important piece of the big picture. Finding love is finding the various puzzle pieces that should fit easily into your picture of what happily ever after looks like for you. Chemistry helps all of it fit that much better. But what is chemistry exactly? Well, sometimes when you meet someone you have an instant connection. You can’t explain it but it just feels right. Communication doesn’t take effort and time passes without you even noticing.

In my latest for eHarmony Canada, I discuss why the lack of a fireworks display is sometimes misjudged for lack of chemistry … find out more about what chemistry is and isn’t by clicking on the link below to learn more!!

How Important Is Chemistry on a Date?


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  1. It’s essential but it’s more complicated than being attracted to someone. You can be attracted to someone but no chemistry and likewise like someone but not attracted and have chemistry. Case in point: back in 2012 I met a great guy off a dating site who in theory was what I was seeking. However we just didn’t click and while we did agree to meet, he emailed me to say he felt no chemistry. I told him I felt the same way. I saw a photo of his later girlfriend and she was less attractive than me so I knew it wasn’t looks. Who knows what it was, maybe he had met her and was seeing if she was the one, or they had more in common.On the other hand I have a friend who I feel strong chemistry. One time we were playing darts, he handed me the dart and I got a jolt of electricity. It felt like a magnet and every time I would see him I feel like a magnet is pulling me. Can’t explain it because he’s not normally a guy I would be attracted to but he has something.


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