Style Friday: How Single and Dating Men Dress To Impress


By popular demand, we’ve included men in our Style Friday series! Don’t worry ladies, we’ll be back with more fabulous styles and tips from Vincent next week! Today I’ve asked the very debonair gentlemen of L’Hexagone Menswear in Ottawa’s Byward Market to give us some of their pro tips for men who want (and NEED) to dress to impress, especially if you’re single and dating!

One of the main pet peeves women have is how men dress. Men either have an outdated look, wear shabby clothes, or wear clothes that don’t fit properly. We know that sometimes men don’t know what to choose so we’re here to help. Please do take these tips seriously. It will really help your dating life tremendously! Women swoon over a guy in a suit or a man who’s well put together, no one swoons over a guy in an old t-shirt and baggy jeans.

We firmly believe that dressing up and taking care of our appearance is a great sign of respect for both ourselves and those around us. In this case you and your date. Begin by what is under your clothes. You like it when she wears great undies, she probably feels the same about you. Another important thing to consider is grooming and hygiene! (Single Dating Diva recommends men in the Ottawa area drop by Not Your Father’s Barber in the Byward Market just tell Aaron that Suzie sent you!).

Now to the main point of this discussion. Your overall look and outfit. The whole point here is to make her feel that she was important enough for you to make an effort for and to make you look and feel confident. Confidence is sexy. Sexy is good.

Style Friday: How Single and Dating Men Dress To Impress

  • Shoes are an important place to start. They should be appropriate for the occasion and the outfit. They should also be well cared for – shined and cleaned. The details say a lot about what kind of man you are.
  • The easiest way to turbocharge your outfit is by layering. If you are wearing a collared shirt, which you absolutely should, it should have a second layer on top of it – a blazer, a vest, a cardigan or a sweater will do.
  • Pants should be fitted and not too long. You are probably not 18 years old so skinny jeans are not de rigueur but your trousers should compliment your body type and figure.
  • Here are a few things should avoid at all costs: printed t-shirts, pleated chinos, anything with the name of your favourite sports team, faded jeans and sneakers.

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Some of brands featured in the photos:
Jeans from Mavi, Shirts from Matinique, Sox from MoxyMaus, Shoes from Florsheim, Blazers from Abito

All brands available at L’Hexagone!

Now go forth and conquer!!

From your friends the very talented stylists at L’HEXAGONE Menswear in Ottawa’s Byward Market! Make sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Your Sister in Dating Bliss,

Single Dating Diva (with the help of the debonair gents at L’Hexagone)

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  1. Ahh, now that’s how it should be done! This would be my dating style; if I were single and dating. However, I think a great deal of how the man dresses should rest on the type of woman he is dating! Just be perceptive I guess 🙂


  2. Useful tips! Men sometimes fail to pay attention to the minor details in their outfits, i.e owning or wearing an ill-fitting suit. Having a decent tailor is a must, women appreciate a man that can dress sharply. They find it sexy and irresistible.


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