Style Friday: Formal Date Night Outfit for Women and Men


What do you do if you have a formal date planned? As the stylists at L’Hexagone put it “next level dates equals next level outfits”. A formal date is definitely taking it to the next level. This could be dinner at a really nice restaurant, going to see a show or any type of formal party like a wedding or gala. Whatever the event, dressing for the occasion is very important. Here are some great tips from our experts at Vincent and L’Hexagone in Ottawa!

Style Friday: Formal Date Night Outfit for Women & Men

ProTips for Women from the Stylists at Vincent

  • Usually, a nice cocktail dress works well for all types of formal events. Alternately, a classy two-piece formal outfit/gown helps you be more versatile and allows you to mix and match.
  • Solid colors and fabrics go a long way and are easier to dress up or down with accessories. For example, a form fitting, body hugging, comfy stretchy material dress in a colour that makes your face light up will project a fabulous image of yourself and enhances all the parts of your body that you want to.
  • Whether it’s your “little black dress” or something else, have a go-to dress that is your knockout dress and you can never go wrong.
  • Finally, accessories are also very important. Make sure to coordinate your purse, shoes, scarf and jewellery with what you’re wearing. They should enhance your outfit rather than take attention away from it. A nice pair of formal shoes and matching purse are a staple you should have in your fashion arsenal at all times.

ProTips for Men from the Stylists at L’Hexagone

  • The challenge with the formal date is looking classy and sophisticated while letting her be the star of the show.
  • If you’re going from the office straight to dinner and you’re already in a suit, change nothing. You can add a pocket square for a little extra punch or go as is. Just make sure your shirt still looks crisp and your shoes are clean.
  • One ‘formality’-step down from the suit, and probably the most often seen is a structured sport jacket with dress pants and well-pressed shirt.
  • The tie is not a must but it will definitely take your outfit to the next level and let her know you put some thought into your outfit.
  • Alternatively, depending on the date, you can replace the sport jacket with a great sweater or cardigan but it will make your outfit much more casual.
  • As always, the choice of shoes is very important. No sneakers, no chunky boots and absolutely no sandals!
  • Finally, match your sox to your pants and your belt to your shoes and off you go with confidence.


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You can learn more about the talented stylists at L’Hexagone in Ottawa’s Byward Market & shop for the items in the picture by visiting their store or website L’HEXAGONE Menswear! Make sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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  1. I haven’t been on a formal date like this in years (and only with a serious boyfriend)is this common? I wouldn’t with some guy I’m meeting from a dating site.


  2. Loved this article! I’ve definitely also been wearing two-piece formal gowns out to a few dates lately. 😉
    I’m going to be investing in a few more one pieces with more solid colors though.


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