Style Friday: Does the Color Red Make You More Attractive?


Red. The color of passion. The color of fire. The color of blood. The color of warning. The color of love. The color of good luck. The color of desire. The color of confidence. It’s no wonder that red has always been one the invokes emotions, both good and bad. The color red is typically used to get people’s attention – stop signs, advertisements, and even many national flags have red in them. There’s no doubt that, whether you like it or no, red is a powerful color. How does this apply to dating? Well, it has long been believed that wearing red makes you more attractive and helps you entice others, that red is a very sexually driven color, but is it true? Being that red is an attention grabbing color (think red lights), there might be some truth to the theory that red makes you more attractive.

Style Friday: Does the Color Red Make You More Attractive?

Several studies have been conducted which all conclude that yes indeed the color red does make you more attractive. According to research “red is experienced as attraction booster by both sexes. Studies have shown that for women, the color red enhances a man’s attractiveness … in on study, the researchers told participants that the studies explored their “first impressions of others,” and avoided mentioning color and sex. Half of the participants, randomly assigned, were exposed for five seconds to a picture of a man on a red background. The other half saw that image on a white background. The results showed that women ranked the man as more attractive when he was presented against the red backdrop. Another experiment showed that the man in red was rated as high in social status, and with higher potential for success.” But what about the women? “In an earlier series of experiments men reported higher sexual attraction toward a woman dressed in red compared to women dressed in other colors. Men also expressed the intent to spend more money on a date with a woman in red … red appears to be associated in men’s mind with female sexual attractiveness … and in a public environment, men chose to sit closer to the woman in red than to a woman dressed in a different color.”

So whether you’re a woman or a man, the color red works to your advantage when you’re out there looking for love. In order to market yourself more effectively, as singles using the color red in your online dating profile picture, when you go out with your friends and especially when you’re on a date will help give you a competitive edge. Yes, even on dating sites, studies have shown that people who are wearing red capture the attention of potential dates more frequently and get contacted more.

Marketing Yourself: How To Incorporate Red Into Your Date Night Look

I am a big advocate of self-promotion, especially in the dating world. As I’ve mentioned before, you are the product and you need to effectively market that product in order to get your desired results in the dating world. Truth be told, not everyone looks good in red and not everyone really likes to wear the color red. So what do you do? Use it as an accent color. With flashy colors like red, a little goes a long way. For ladies, a red scarf, red shoes or a red purse, even red lipstick can add a little vavavoom to your date night look. Gentlemen, a red tie, handkerchief, hat, socks or even as an accent color on your dress shirt can grab her attention. It’s just more thing to add to your dating image arsenal.

So try a little red in your outfit and give yourself that advantage in the more and more competitive dating world!

READERS: What are your thoughts on the color red? Do you find it appealing or not so much? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. An awesome colour! One of my favourites. Full of power and energy plus it helps you stand out. Also great for lingerie, makes me feel sexy. Perfect for surprising your partner too! Men don’t wear this colour often enough.


  2. To be honest I feel red sends signals for sex. I find it a bit risque to be wearing something that like on a first date, no offense, its just my taste.


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