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Take a real close look at yourself in your dating life…how do you feel? Are you happy with who you are?! Do you fully accept yourself as you are? Are you dating and having fun doing it?! or are you stuck in place of feeling like you’re “not good enough” and “there are no good men out there!” or “I’m just too picky” and you feel like dating sucks!?

Do you want to change what you are seeing in your dating life?!?!

I want to introduce you to love coach Lena Dolter. When I met her and found out about what she was doing to help women just like you bring more love into their lives I wanted to find out more. Like me, she is committed to helping women be and attract love.

I’m very excited to join other dating experts as we guide you on your search to discover big love!!

Discover Big Love! Your Ultimate Guide to Attracting and Keeping the Love You Desire!

The event launches on April 25th and it’s totally FREE!

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Can you imagine your life where your weekends are booked with dates with high quality men that you’re interested in?!

Can you see and feel what it would be like to have so much love inside of yourself that it’s radiating out of you and drawing more of what you desire to you!?

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UPDATE: The summit was a great success and you can watch my segment about gratitude & dating by clicking HERE.