Why Is It Never You? Are You Destined To Be Forever Alone?

You know how the saying goes, “always the bridesmaid, never the bride”! Does that sound like you? Everyone around you seems to be meeting someone, getting dates, even finding their own happily ever after. You’re probably questioning yourself – Why is it never me? What’s wrong with me? Am I destined to be forever alone? Alright, I’ll let you have your pity party moment … OK are you done? Can we continue? Good! Now I get it, when you see everyone else’s life fall into place it really does make you question yourself and your worthiness for love. I know because I’ve been there, until I started looking inward and found out why. I am going to challenge you to do the same.

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5 Ways to Avoid Being Forever Alone


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  1. I’ve done all of those and still no luck. I realized I was dating the wrong guys and tried to change to no luck. I dress for my body shape and I’m not clingy. It was one thing when I started to see people my age getting married but now I am seeing people younger than me, even peopled young enough to be my kids get married while I sit here unmarried and alone. I’ve been “happily single” in that I was into things I liked and never met anyone. I’m grateful for other things but nothing. I don’t rush into it and all I get are desperate losers.


    • Fair enough Dawn, but we all have a part to play in our dating life, positive and negative. It’s frustrating seeing other people finding love while you keep striking out. There could be other factors as well, such as your environment or dating pool, but I encourage you to look inward and do an inventory of your failures to find out what the common themes are.


      • I think for me it was choosing the wrong men and waiting for them in some cases. As in “I like B but B doesn’t like me now but he might eventually”. Another part is because back in my 20’s dating wasn’t a priority at time. Now it is but it feels like being last to go to a party. I don’t live far from a major city with plenty of older singles but even so many older singles who would be good choices aren’t online.


  2. I don’t have much experience in the dating scene. And the only relationship I had was a very short one in my freshmen year in college. After that, I live the happy single life but I wanna try again and I don’t want to be like my aunt who is still single at 40.


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