Summer Loving … Dating and Finding Summer Love

summer-loving-datingIt’s that time of year! Warmer weather, warmer hearts. After we’ve thawed out from hibernating in the winter months, we’re left to explore the world. Single life be damned! It’s time to find love! But how?

The dating world is ever so competitive and, despite what online dating fans would like to tell you, finding what we really want is getting more and more difficult. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible, it means being tactful and marketing yourself in the best way possible. It’s time to toss out that dated, worn out dating life and exchange it for a hot new summer love! You CAN find the love you want, it’s just going to take some adjustments. Here’s how to do it!

Summer Loving … Dating and Finding Summer Love

It only takes a few easy steps to upgrade your chances at finding love this summer. The dating world is becoming increasingly competitive, don’t fall behind because you aren’t willing to do what it takes to make yourself actually dateable. You just have to be willing to take these difficult steps… but at the top of the stairs is love waiting for you. It might be hard to get up there, it might take time, but your effort will be worth it in the end!

Step 1: Realizing You’re NOT the Catch You Thought You Were

Problem is, everyone thinks that they are great the way they are and that someone should love them for them, as they are, warts and all. But, that attitude is what is holding you back. Increase your value AND “catchability” by being realistic and seeing how you’re perceived by others. Sure you should never change for anyone but you need to put forth the best version of yourself in order to attract others.

Step 2: Upgrade Your Image

Get a makeover. Modernize your look. Get a new haircut, fix yourself up a bit more, stop wearing sneakers or yoga pants all the time, don’t look like you just got out of bed. CARE what you look like when you leave the house. Be comfortable but be classy. When you look good you feel good and that projects confidence into the world. When you project confidence you are a magnet to others.

Step 3: Upgrade Your Attitude

You also need to have the right attitude to find love. You do this by having a positive attitude while still managing your expectations. Ditch the sense of entitlement and trade it in for humble confidence. Be a giver, not a taker. Successful relationships are built on generosity. This doesn’t mean be a doormat or let others take advantage of you, but what it does mean is be generous with your time and energy without expecting anything in return. Be positive and gracious always, limiting your expectations of people. No one owes you anything, least of all someone you’re newly dating, remember that.

Step 4: Spread a Wider Net

While it’s important to be selective when looking for a partner, you also need to be less picky. Spreading a wider net helps you reach more people. What you need to be most selective about is common values (your dealmakers) as well as your dealbreakers. When you know what’s most important to you and focus on that, you’ll see that there are more eligible singles available than you might have imagined. If you live outside of an urban area and having trouble finding love where you are, cast your net wider to the closest city. Also, try to let go of “physical” attributes limiting it to being attracted to someone. Remember, the more selective you are the more challenging it will be to find someone.

Step 5: Enjoy Life

Have fun with life and be happily single. Enjoy your life and do all the things you love with all the people you love spending time with. Do whatever you always wanted to do, learn something new, travel, let time pass without thinking about finding love. Do this and you’ll find that good things will just fall into your lap when you least expect it.

Summer loving is possible. Dating and finding summer love IS possible. It just takes some adjustments on your part. It might take you out of your comfort zone but it will all be worth it in the end. Climb those steps, one step at a time, enjoy the process, forget the outcome, think outside the box, and you will end up in a much happier place.

READERS: If summer loving is in your plans, what steps are you taking to make sure you get to your desired destination?

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  1. Looking back, I’m more of a winter dater. Don’t know why, I was wondering about that on many occasions. Any suggestions on why is that? Otherwise, I think steps 3 and 5 are extremely important in our search for love. Without that we wouldn’t attract happy joyous relationships we all strive for. Who wants to hear moaning and groaning all the time?!


  2. My thing has always been I cease dating around October or so until the Spring. The reason? then I don’t have to deal with the holidays from December-February, plus my birthday in January. Sounds weird but I’ve had bad experiences with guys I dated during those times that it makes it awkward. Anyway, I was considering online again but want to better myself first, such as being more financially secure and getting myself back in shape. I’m considering going back to school in the fall and am concentrating on that first. I suppose part of it is that I am so bummed by my dating failures that I’m at a point where I just don’t care. I have lowered my standards to a point where I am attracting the worst of the worst and it’s not worth it. Not to mention my absolute #1 dealbreaker is not dating single dads and that seems to be what I mostly attract and no interest whatsoever so not worth it to deal with those guys (who are almost always nasty when I reject them). I am going to several single events this summer so who knows, I might meet someone but if not then it was just a fun way to mingle with people.


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