Travelling With Your Partner – Some Best Practices


If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Twitter, you would have seen that I am vacationing in Greece with my sweety. It’s been quite the adventure since we’ve never been away this long together before. I’m happy to report, other than some minor annoyances (which is completely normal) things are going very well. My experience has prompted me to share with you some of my best practices of travelling with your partner. I will admit, I did have some apprehensions about it before coming, but quickly learned that this is really the best way to really get to know each other. Well, I won’t lie, watching the Santorini sunset together DID help in the romance department too!

Travelling With Your Partner – Some Best Practices

Travelling with your partner can be hit and miss, it literally can make or break your relationship. Whether you go away for a couple of days or longer, you get to see your partner in a very different light. When you’re dating, even if you have sleep overs, you’re still not in a realistic environment per se. Whereas when you travel somewhere different you have to deal with different challenges and experiences, some will definitely shed light on what type of person your partner is. How? Well, the way they treat you and others, as well as how they act in general. Here some things to keep in mind:

  • Patience – you must be patient with yourself and your partner because generally you’re not used to being together 24 hours a day every day and little things might pop up that require you to be level headed. Be understanding and pick your battles accordingly.
  • Compromise – you can’t always get your way, neither can they. That is why you need to be open minded, easy going and compromise. Discuss things you’d both like to see and do together, even if you don’t get to do everything you want to. Part of being in a healthy relationship is having balance and one way to do that is by both partners showing flexibility.
  • Respect – although I shouldn’t have to say this, you need to respect your partner at all times in all ways, especially when you’re travelling. Healthy partnerships are built on solid foundations of respect, so don’t do anything that’s disrespectful to your partner, like, you know, flirting with others or speaking rudely to them in public.
  • Fun – you’re going away to enjoy yourself and spend some quality time with your partner so do that, don’t let petty differences and challenges ruin it for you both. Even if you lie on the beach together all day or do some sightseeing, just have fun doing it and remember the whole point is to be together enjoying every minute. Laugh as much as you can, especially at yourself if you do something funny or embarassing, it will make things so much more light.
  • Positivity – keeping positive is extremely important, you WILL encounter some challenges, things won’t always go your way so don’t hold grudges, communicate positively with each other and focus on the positive experiences without lingering in the negative places.
  • Personal Space – being in each other’s face all the time can be problematic if you don’t respect each other’s personal space. Some things do need to be done in private. Don’t take it personal if your partner wants to take a short walk alone or just read quietly. It’s only a problem if either of you want to spend more time apart than together.

You will learn so much more about your partner than you ever imagined by travelling with them so keep an open mind and an open heart. Enjoy the process and don’t worry about anything else. Every moment you spend together on vacation is precious because you’re creating memories that will last a lifetime. Sounds cheesy I know but it’s true. Travelling with your partner is a great way to see if you are truly right for each other, to assess your compatibility and to determine if you can share your life with them. The best practices listed above will definitely help you make the most of your travelling experience.

As for me, I’ve got to run … my sweety is calling me out to go to the beach! Check out my Instagram (SuzieTheDiva) and Follow Me to stay tuned for more exciting pics and to see my Santorini sunset video! Happy and safe travels everyone!!

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  1. I have gone away a few times and oddly it resulted in a break up. I think though they were close to breaking up anyway.


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