Why “It’s Complicated” is NOT a Relationship Status!


Are you a magnet for drama? Does every dating situation you enter into leave you stressed, confused and feeling hopeless? Do you find yourself in dating relationships that leave you wondering why it’s so complicated? Yes? Well, let me ask you this … do you STILL stick around even when it’s complicated? Holding on to something that isn’t really there hoping against all hope that it’s just a phase and things will change? That they will change? Do you joke about your dating relationship being “complicated”? Well, I’m here to tell you that “it’s complicated” is NOT a relationship status AND you need to STOP!

Why “It’s Complicated” is NOT a Relationship Status

You know that you deserve a peaceful relationship that makes you feel confident and secure. So, why do so many people settle for a dating relationship full of drama and complications? Because they give you an adrenaline rush and, although they’re very draining, they make you feel more alive and all the craziness seems to recharge your battery. There’s so much passion in those constant fights (and boy it’s great to make up!). It also could be that you’ve gone and created an unhealthy emotional attachment with the wrong person.

You make excuses for them and always see the best in all the rotten things they do. Every little positive reinforcement they give you, you multiply its meaning by a thousand. They know they can get away with treating you less than you deserve because you let them time and again AND they know exactly what to say and do to get themselves back in your good books. One little compliment or a gift melts your heart like butter on a hot day. They run hot and cold but the hot is soooo good that you don’t want to give it up and you tolerate the cold times.

Does this sound familiar? I’m sure it does for many of you. I get lots of emails about “it’s complicated” dating relationships and I get it, I really do, because I have been there too until I realized that by sticking around in these unhealthy situations I was keeping myself from the “real deal”. I was self-sabotaging without even knowing it. I’ve had some significant “it’s complicated” dating relationships in the past. I will be the first to admit how I settled for less than ideal because I was addicted to the drama. Not anymore.


Dating is difficult enough as it is. It’s so competitive out there and so many people are having such a challenging time meeting the right person, or even someone who’s somewhat compatible. Because of this, a lot of people are settling for less than ideal situations that leave them longing for more but hanging on for the wrong reasons. “It’s complicated” is a better status than single, right? WRONG! You need to stop rationalizing people’s actions and words and look at the facts. It’s simpler than you think.

You determine your self-worth and how you deserve to be treated and when someone is not living up to those standards then you need to walk away. Alone is better than being with the wrong person. People treat you the way you let them, so stop letting them complicate your life with drama. If they want to be with you they will be – 100% not partially, not when they feel like it – you’re not their “part time lover”. It really is that simple. So what will YOU choose?

READERS: Have you ever been in an “it’s complicated” dating relationship? Why did you stay or go? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. You’re either dating or not. However in defense of the “It’s complicated” situation I use that one often. Years ago I used it because I reunited with the one I thought was the one for me, only he wasn’t. I was so sure he would come back and he never did. I only wanted him. Second case is now, I met a guy a few years ago and kept hoping he would eventually become more than friends and honestly didn’t want anyone else. On Facebook I put it’s complicated. I’ve realized awhile back he’d likely never be more than a friend but the reason I have it’s complicated is because people always want to match me up with guys. Sounds good, right? nope, they want to match me up with guys with kids, much older, criminals, etc. No thanks, I’d rather be single. I’m not even waiting for the second guy, I just don’t want random guys contacting me on Facebook. In fact, I changed my name and my avatar because freaks from dating sites were searching my photo and trying to friend me. If they are stalking me already I fear what they’d do if I rejected them (and no doubt I would).

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  2. Thank you for pointing this out! I am been sick of some of my friends updating they’re Facebook status ‘it’s complicated’ or saying that they’re in a complicated relationship. I have seen some of my friends looking like zombie because of their ‘it’s complicated’ relationship 😐


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