Ever Wonder Where You Stand With Someone?


Are you dating someone and just not sure where you stand with them? Often times we end up in a place I like to call “relationship limbo”, because we don’t want to rock the boat. You’re wondering whether you’re a significant other or an insignificant other.  What’s the difference? A significant other is someone you have an established romantic or sexual relationship with. So the actual word significant means whatever it is that is significant is important, it has meaning. Essentially, you’re an important part of their life. Insignificant other? It means unimportant and inconsequential.

So what happens when you’re not sure if you’re significant or insignificant? Read more to find out why I told eHarmony Canada readers! Click the title to read more…

Ever Wonder Where You Stand With Someone?


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  1. Very important to ask right away. I’ve been in situations where I thought we were items, to find out we weren’t.


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