Love is on the Other Side of Your Comfort Zone


love-comfort-zoneThis past weekend we held a “Dating Game” here in Ottawa. Each and every one of the contestants did such a great job up on stage. Although they were apprehensive and totally stepping out of their “comfort zone”, they did it and had a fantastic experience! Fun was definitely had by all.

Comfort zones may feel nice and cozy, but, in order to find what you’re looking for you need to step out of your comfort zone. There on the other side is love. But, you will have to take a chance, take risks and take in what the world has to offer. It won’t be easy but it will definitely be worth it because love is on the other side of your comfort zone.

Love is on the Other Side of Your Comfort Zone

So how do you get out of your comfort zone to attract the love you desire? Here are some ideas …

Image Upgrade

Trying a new look not only helps with your confidence, but also makes you more attractive. Get a new hairstyle, ladies try new makeup colors, men try new grooming looks, upgrade your wardrobe or mix and match stuff you have differently. What’s most important is realizing looking good makes you feel good and when you feel good you exude a different kind of confidence that’s very attractive.

Take Risks

Stepping out of your comfort zone includes taking risks. This doesn’t mean doing anything dangerous, but what it does include is trying something new, dating someone you might not have considered before, going out to a new place and speaking to new people. Taking risks is an integral part of dating. If you don’t take risks then a lot of great opportunities will pass you by. If your risk doesn’t pay off, at least it’s a lesson learned and you tried. You get up, dust yourself off and try again.

Accept Unknown

You need to accept that you won’t always have the answers and that you won’t know how things will turn out and that’s OK! If you go on a dating site or if you go to a singles event there are never any guarantees BUT what there is are countless opportunities to meet new people and experiences. Enjoy the process and don’t worry about the outcome. One or two dates won’t guarantee that someone is your happily ever after, so why put that sort of pressure on yourself and project your expectations on others? Accept the unknown and have fun dating.

Face Fears

Dating can be scary, especially after being in a bad situation or having not dated for a while. Things change, the way people date changes but one thing stays constant, it’s the need for human companionship that we all share, it’s just about finding someone who’s on the same page as you and you can’t find that unless you face your fears and try. Fear of rejection is also something very real but rejection is part of dating, you even reject others, don’t take it too personally and realize that it just wasn’t a good fit. Yes, it’s a blow to the ego but you need to let go and move on to something better. Another fear is the fear of approaching someone you’re interested in. You need to be comfortable talking to strangers if you want to succeed at dating. Practice by talking to service staff and move your way up to people you meet in line or at events. It will get easier but you have to make an effort.

Be Comfortable With Discomfort

Ultimately, stepping out of your comfort zone puts you in a place of discomfort. No one likes feeling uncomfortable, I get that, BUT it’s that place of discomfort that’s going to help you reach your goals, whether it’s in life or love. Setting up small attainable goals will help you get more and more comfortable with your discomfort. When you reach those goals, you will feel good for accomplishing them and it will give you the confidence to go on to the next level and your next goals. One step at a time and you’ll reach your destination.

Love really is on the other side of your comfort zone. You have to be brave and change so that your situation will change. Let go and have fun while managing your expectations. Dating and finding love is a process so don’t worry about the outcome. Take it one day at a time. Trying something new each day is made easier by setting milestones or goals along the way. This way you can celebrate “wins” and see your progress. Baby steps are totally OK … just take those steps. Nothing is going to change unless you do. Just have fun and be your best self and everything will fall into place.

READERS: Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone when dating? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I agree. For me personally I am taking break to fix what needs fixing bodywise. I’m losing weight (not obese but want to be thinner), fixing a tooth that needs a cap, changing my hairstyle, etc.


  2. These advice are very helpful for me. 🙂 I always get out of my comfort zone everytime I try to go and fish some men to date or find a guy that might I like to start a relationship with 🙂


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