Single and Dating in Ottawa? Ottawa Wine and Food Festival is the Place To Be!


Ottawa isn’t where fun to went to die … especially if you’re single and dating in our beautiful Nation’s Capital! But where to meet other fabulous singles such as yourself? Where to go for a unique date night experience? The Ottawa Wine and Food Festival is definitely a sure bet! Not only are you guaranteed a great experience, you will also get the opportunity to meet other wine and food enthusiasts such as yourself. Not too long ago I mentioned that beverage festivals such as the Ottawa Wine and Food Festival is one of my top fall great date ideas in Ottawa – and the fact remains, if you want to have a great night out, meet like minded people and sample some of the world’s finest food and wine then this show is for you.

Single and Dating with the Ottawa Wine and Food Festival

From November 4th to 6th at the EY Centre and Infinity Convention Centre you will be able to sample some of best Regional, National and International Wines, Beers, Spirits and Foods. There are many price point options as well for any budget which makes it ideal as a great date location, drink and eat as much as you like and show your date how cultured and savvy you are. You really can’t go wrong! Single? You’re also in luck because the hotties are definitely in the house! Everyone dresses to impress and all come ready to mingle with other singles. 

How to Make the Most of Your Experience at the Ottawa Wine and Food Festival

Single & Ready to Mingle

  • Bring your best self by looking good – dress to impress, great hair, good grooming and hygiene are a must!
  • Good body language is a must so ensure you are always smiling and looking happy showing you’re having a great time … ladies NO stink face 😉 … confidence is also key, so head held high (but no snobbery).
  • Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and talk to strangers (great opportunities are at the various vendor kiosks by asking someone’s opinion or advice about a particular product).
  • Seal the deal by suggesting you continue the conversation at a later time/date and exchange contact information (make sure to follow through!).
  • Drink responsibly, know your limits so that you don’t do anything you will later regret.

Date Night

  • Bring your “A-Game” to every date, even if it’s someone you’ve been with a while. Looking good makes you feel good and shows your date that you made an effort for them.
  • Make it fun by trying new food and drinks talking about your favorites along the way even sharing some samples, make it about the experience and building intimacy.
  • Take breaks to talk and people watch, there’s always something to talk about.
  • Write down the names of some of your favorites so you can extend your experience by enjoying them again on your next date night!

The Ottawa Wine and Food Festival is a great place to be whether you’re single or dating in Ottawa. Don’t miss out on this unique experience – bring a friend or bring a date – fun is definitely on the menu.

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