Finding Love After 50: Guest Post


After the age of 50, being single and finding love might seem a little complicated (or even scary) for some. You may have many friends around you, most of whom are probably involved in a relationship or married. In this situation, it’s difficult to meet other singles. If, additionally, your dating days stopped a while back, you may have lost some of your flirting reflexes. Don’t worry. A lot of people in their 50s, 60s, or even later, divorce or end a relationship that wasn’t working anymore. You are far from being the only singleton of your age!

Finding Love After 50

To find love, ask yourself the right questions

Finding love requires being in the right state of mind. If you just split from a long-term relationship, then there is a good chance that you’ll need a certain time to recover. Don’t throw yourself into the dating world if you’re still hurting from your past love stories. Take your time, and ask yourself the right questions: do I want to meet new people and start dating or do I feel happier alone? If you answer yes to the second question, then dating is not for you, or at least not for the moment. Enjoy being independent and having time for yourself. There is no rush.

However, if you miss being with someone, holding a man or a woman in your arms, being intimate with a partner or having someone to share dinner with every day, then you’re probably ready to date.

Treat yourself first

If you want to find your soulmate, take time putting yourself first. Embrace the fact that you are single and take this opportunity to spoil yourself a little. Not only you will gain confidence, but you’ll also feel more beautiful. Take an appointment to have a new haircut at the hairdresser, change your wardrobe, relax in a spa or discover new places you’ve always wanted to visit. Your singlehood is a chance to make a brand-new start and to become the best version of yourself.

Don’t try to replace your ex

When you’re dating, don’t expect the prospective matches you’re seeing to be like your ex. They have their own personalities. In fact, there is a reason that your story ended, so you should avoid reproducing the same mistakes. Why not try something different and date people that aren’t your usual type this time? You could be surprised!

Additionally, don’t seek out the impossible. Give your potential matches a chance to show you who they are. If you don’t find them handsome enough or they don’t earn as much as you’d hoped, they surely have other great qualities. Agreeing to a second date gives you the chance to learn a bit more about them! If things still don’t work out, then maybe it’s time to move on.

Get out of your comfort zone and create opportunities to find a match

When you start dating again after a long-term relationship, you may not feel very comfortable with the process. Even more so if you are over 50 and your last date was decades ago. However, this should not be an excuse to stay at home in front of your television. If you want to find love, you must be willing to step outside your comfort zone. Dare to be flirty and make the first move. Don’t wait for people to approach you. You might even find it enjoyable!

Get out in the world, strike up a conversation while you’re queueing in the supermarket or smile at the person sitting next to you in a coffee shop. Take language or dance classes to meet new men and women. Volunteer. Ask your friends if they know someone nice. Sign up for events organized for singles over 50, for instance, dances or dinners. Some even find love while walking the dog in the park. In short, create new opportunities! The more you go out and participate in events, the more likely you are to meet interesting new people.

Find other singles on a dating website

There are plenty of ways to meet new men and women when you are over 50. If you feel a little shy or you’re not comfortable with flirting, then dating sites might be just for you. Register for a dating site geared towards dating over 50 and people looking for a serious relationship. It’s easy and practical, as you can find many other singles of your age in just one place! In fact, more and more seniors decide to give this new way of meeting people a try. So why not you? is a dating site for mature women & men in the UK. You can find them at, on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. My dad recently lost my mom and at age 70 he said he wants to date again. He already has women throwing themselves at him which is tacky. I hope I am married by 50 but looking less and less likely.


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