The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Online Dating: Guest Post


It’s nice to date people you meet on online dating sites, but some people don’t actually get to build a relationship. This can be very frustrating. If you’re one of these people, you might need to take a peek at this ultimate cheat sheet to online dating.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Online Dating

The Internet is rich with articles and materials that are useful guides as you test the waters of the virtual dating world. You can follow them and modify your personal strategy as you go along. But, there are actually some hacks that you can apply to make sure you get noticed and speed up the online dating game. Not everyone knows about these secrets, so help spread the word!

Do a background check on the dating site you want to join.

Most people just tend to find a random dating site and sign up. But, you have to see if that is a good dating site or if you will just be wasting time. Is the dating site legit? Was it able to match couples who ended up with a relationship? Does it have good features? You can simply check reviews to know the answers. You will avoid wasting time and money if you know these things about a dating site.

Don’t reveal everything about you on your profile.

Your profile is sort of a movie trailer – it tells the viewers or readers a few interesting details about you, but does not give away everything. In order to get the full movie, the person will need to contact you.

Don’t bombard your profile with adjectives.

Good-looking, smart, and tall are words that don’t get the attention of people anymore. Instead, choose words that describe your life. What do you do for a living? What are your interests? What books have you read? What movies have you watched? It will be easier for people to make a connection with you if you tell them these things.

Describe the kind of people you would like to be with.

Putting this information on your profile will save you from spending time with people that you don’t like. It will save the time of others too. But, take note that you have to make your description look sincere. Don’t just enumerate words as if you are listing criteria for a competition.

Use short paragraphs on your profile.

Short paragraphs are easy to read and does not strain the eyes. It also makes a reader want to continue until the end of the profile. So, use short paragraphs and avoid making your page look like an essay.

For your profile photo, choose one where your facial features are clear.

If you think that photos with filters, stickers, and weird angles are attractive, you are wrong. These may be creative, but remember that you are in a sea of people who are looking for their perfect match. How will they know what you truly look like if you hide behind filters and stickers? You don’t want to date someone without seeing a person’s physical appearance, right?

Don’t post too many selfies.

Be creative with the pictures that post on your profile. Don’t bombard your profile with selfies. Post pictures of you doing the activities you love. This will give other users a better glimpse of your life. Who knows, these photos just might catch the attention of others with the same interests as you.

Don’t use templates when you send your first message.

Looking for generic messages online can be very tempting because it is so tiring to compose a new message all the time. But, templates won’t help you make a connection with others, especially if the person you like grew up in a different country and culture. Read their profile and leave them a message based on what you see. Doing so would be impressive.

This cheat sheet may help you work a relationship with a few potential partners, but don’t forget to always date safe. There are a lot of fake accounts and scammers on any dating website, so make sure that you don’t send money randomly and go out on dates with people that you didn’t get to know yet. Enjoy online dating, but always date safe!

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  1. Very good advice. I haven’t had much success on dating sites but my big thing is take it casually at first. On a first meeting I would allot 15-30 minutes. If it went well, then I would give more time. However, many times it was brutal so that 15-30 minutes seemed forever. If we connected, I would suggest a date. I liked this because if it wasn’t working I could leave.


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