How Much Information Should You Share On Your Online Dating Profile? Guest Post


Online dating has the potential for greatness, but only if you know how to make a killer profile. It’s how you present yourself to potential partners and how you put your best foot forward. So when you’re wondering just what to say about yourself – what’s too much? What’s too little? What’s too personal? But, where do you start? Here’s the guide you need.

How Much Information Should You Share On Your Online Dating Profile?

Understand the Unique Purpose of Dating Profiles

Online profiles are a dime a dozen, but dating profiles are especially unique. It’s essentially a house listing. A bizarre metaphor, to be sure, but accurate. At their core, all houses are the same. They have walls, a roof, bathrooms, bedrooms, and a kitchen – but it’s the unique aspects of each individual that draws someone in. Oh, this three bedroom house has a pool and a hot-tub in the backyard? Nice! Let’s take a closer look. The same can be said about people.

Let’s say that we’re making a profile for a guy named Derek. He’s tall, dark, and handsome, but the same can be said about thirty percent of the guys on any dating site. What is going to draw someone in? Ah, Derek volunteers at his local animal shelter in his spare time because he loves animals? Aw, what a sweetheart. Let’s take a closer look at his profile!

Your Dating Profile is a Glimpse into Who You Are – Keep It a Glimpse.

Just like listing a house, you wouldn’t put ‘has issues with the plumbing’ on the listing, right? That is something you reveal later, once you have gotten a feeling for a potential partner and are thinking ‘I’d like to see where this might go.’

Certain information is a given on most dating and chat sites. Age, career, and interests are pretty general topics that make up the bulk of a profile. It is safe to go into a bit of detail here, but keep it general. They don’t want to date you because you have precise degrees; they’ll like you because you’re smart or passionate about something. List that something, not the super details.

Be Safe!

You should recognize that the people who are going to be reading your profile are complete strangers. Tell us about your career, but do not list where you work specifically. Tell us about where you are from, but do not (ever) write out your contact details or home address. If there is the option to leave it blank, do not even list your last name. This is basic stuff and a good practice for online safety. Sadly, there are creepers who troll on dating sites and chat rooms, and protecting yourself from them is necessary.

Don’t Overshare!

Filling up your profile with histories of past relationships is a quick way to turn potential dates away, as is listing your flaws. Your profile is supposed to intrigue people, to make them want to learn more about you, not make them wonder why they are reading your profile in the first place.

Don’t go making sweeping statements about things you hate. This is a one-way ticket to sending people in the other direction. Sharing your dislikes isn’t really something you should advertise, and negativity on your profile is not something you want.

At its simplest, your dating profile should be a short insight into who you are, not a memoir of your life. Share your favorite activities and why you like them so much, but don’t go telling everyone about how you first got into them. Love taking long walks on the beach? Great, tell us why, but don’t go on forever. These little snippets of information about you are going to provide lots of talking points for potential dates on a chat site.

The key principle here is: Keep it short and sweet.

This article is brought to you by Alex, an online dating specialist with a degree in psychology. The fields of interpersonal relationships, love, finding a partner are his interests. He loves to study people and communicate with them. Leading a blog of chat site –


  1. I agree but I would add something and that is to post photos not on other sites. Last time I did online dating I had photos that I also had on Facebook and Linked-in. Several guys found these pages because of my dating profile.

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  2. It has been awhile since I did any dating online, but keeping it “short and sweet” sounds like a good plan to me. In the past, I would run into ladies that would keep it “long and boring” 🙂 Not sure why anyone would want to tell a complete stranger their whole life story, but a number of women seem to try. Another discovery I made about sharing info from other sites, like Facebook. One lady checked out my Facebook page, and saw I had more women friends than men…… and used that as an excuse not to meet. Anyway, I found that amusing, like “Facebook friends” are real close “friends” 🙂


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