How to Decompress Before the First Date: Guest Post


Waiting for the first date, we experience the bouquet of bright emotions, ranging from excitement and joy to fussiness, fear, and panic. Sure, that fateful meeting is the first step towards possible happiness with the other person who will love you and be loved by you. It will decide whether you can stop searching for love, or if you will have to continue your attempts. No wonder the first date adds so much pressure and is of so much importance to people dreaming of finding their significant other once and for all. It is easy to tell yourself ‘Calm down!’, but in fact, you are as nervous as you were before. Here are some ways how to decompress before the first date and not to spoil it by your nervousness.

How to Decompress Before the First Date

Imagine you are going to meet your friend

When we are going to hang out with friends, we don’t feel nervous. Why not imagine that you are looking for friendship and schedule a meeting with a new person you had an interesting chat online? Indeed, before users of online dating sites meet, they first chat with each other and get to know each other better. Often, they have something in common that made them choose each other and continue communication. A potential partner you are going to meet on the first date is, to some degree, your friend.

Learn to be more confident

Feeling anxious and nervous, people usually do not realize what they fear. Some daters are afraid of an awkward pause when both have nothing to talk about. Others are afraid of not being liked, not impressing enough what would undermine their self-esteem, and of having not chance to meet love again. The main goal is to realize what makes you feel that way. For me, it’s usually fear that the conversation won’t flow between me and my date.

Prepare yourself

I can really admit when I have no spark with a guy, but to admit the thought that I am not an interesting person is too difficult for me. At the end of the day, a male and a female can just have a good time even if no romance happens.  Before any date, I spend some time and prepare a list of discussion topics and questions to contribute to the conversation. It may be an old school method, but it’s still effective, and it’s helped me. Usually, I knew something about hobbies of my potential partners and that gave a wide range of topics to discuss.

Hope my experience will inspire you to overcome any fears and help you decompress before the first date!

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  1. When I did online the last time I looked at it as meeting someone. I didn’t think of the possible relationship aspects because that makes it scarier. Instead, I figured I was meeting someone new who might be a romance, a friend or someone I’ll never see again. Too many people put too much work in online dating then get upset when it flops.


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