Offline versus Online Dating … Which is Better?


A recent study has found that prolonged use of facebook can negatively impact a person’s mental health. Essentially, the researchers found that going on Facebook and looking at other people’s seemingly great lives leads to self-comparison and ultimately seeing your life as far inferior to others. On the other hand, those who participated in real world “social networks” had much better mental health and were much happier. The in-person social interaction with others improved people’s quality of life and well-being. People who spent more time offline were more satisfied with their life. These people were also more socially capable and had much more successful social skills. While being online may SEEM like meaningful social interaction, it’s not. BUT how does this translate into the dating world?

Offline versus Online Dating … Which is Better?

When you’re single and dating, you have to choose the path that will lead you to your very own happily ever after. Sometimes the road is smooth while most times it’s actually quite bumpy, full of potholes and disorienting. Sound familiar? Now let me ask you, which, in your experience has led you to more challenging paths – offline or online dating? When you meet someone, say, at a party or event, or even while shopping, does it translate into a better experience for you than when you meet someone online?

In my own personal experience, I tried online dating for many years and had some good and some bad experiences BUT when I met people offline the experiences were significantly better. My partner and I met at a fundraiser and we’re living our own happily ever after. May of my clients and people I speak to also have had the same experience – meeting someone offline leads to something much more positive. Not that no one can have a good experience online, but typically offline meetings lead to more positive outcomes in general. Why is that?

When you meet someone offline you are typically engaged in some sort of activity that you enjoy (a hobby or event) or you’re just doing your thing. Why this is an ideal way to meet someone is that you’re in your natural environment, just being you. It not only helps you project your best self, you’re also meeting someone who has the same interests as you. It’s just a more natural way to meet people.  Online dating, on the other hand, is all about image, looks and how well you market yourself. There are many trolls online and in general, authenticity is lacking. While you may have more volume online dating, the quality can be lacking and you need to really weed through profiles and interactions.

What’s the Solution?

The solution is to dip your toes into both offline AND online dating waters. Do what you can to get out as much as you can – socialize, join activities, have hobbies, interact with new people, go to events, volunteer … THAT is the BEST way to meet people. At the same time, have an online dating profile but make sure it’s a good one (read my top do’s and don’ts of online dating profiles) and learn how to weed through online dating profiles to find the hidden gems.

Real life social encounters are good for your mental health so take it offline and practice your social skills with others. Chatting online ISN’T being social. Meeting people in person lets you assess them as a whole person – their nuances, their tone, their body language and the chemistry you have together, while online socializing only gives you the picture they want to show you – remember it’s just words until it’s backed with actions.

In the end, it’s about living your best single life and managing your expectations. Things usually fall into place where they should, but in the meantime just be you and put your best foot forward learning from every dating experience.

READERS: Do you find social media helps or hurts your mental health? Do you tend to meet people online or offline? Which do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I prefer offline because there is not this expectation that online has. Has is instant and no sparks, the end. Offline people develop friendships that often become romances.


  2. I just learnt something really cool!
    Do what you can to get out as much as you can – socialize, join activities, have hobbies, interact with new people, go to events, volunteer … That is the Best way to meet people. Many ladies need to hear this.
    Dating offline is definitely my preference.


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