Top Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating Profiles (with Video)

online-dating-profileIf you’re looking for love online, you need to position yourself in the best way possible which is why it’s important to market yourself effectively. When you put your best foot forward, you will get a better response rate than if you have a profile that you haven’t put effort in. In my experience, a good profile is the key to successfully getting quality dates. It not only gives you a competitive edge, it also helps weed out many unsavory characters from responding to your ad. Yes, I used the word ad. Essentially, your online dating profile is how you are advertising yourself. YOU, my friends, are the product. Your marketing campaign has to be memorable and effective. This is why I wanted to share with you my top do’s and don’ts of online dating profiles.

Top Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating Profiles

  • DO have good, recent pictures. Your picture is your logo, because most people are visual by nature it’s your picture that will draw them  in. Make sure it’s clear, not older than a year or two maximum and eye catching. I always advise my clients that they should have three pictures – one good head shot, one full body shot and one pictures of them doing something they enjoy. When a person meets you for a date, they should immediately be able to recognize you just from your picture.
    DON’T ruin your chances at something great because of a bad choice in pictures. I discourage my clients from putting pictures of themselves in groups, silly pictures or mirror selfies (even if you’re dressed nice), avoiding selfies in general is typically a good idea.
  • DO have a catchy tag line. Think of this as the slogan that draws people in. Entice them to read more and find out something interesting about you. Make it catchy and creative. For example, “Top 5 reasons you want to date me …” or “Fun loving looking for adventurous” or “Totally more fun than your ex! Here’s why!” or “You, me and a glass of …?” All proven as successful ways to draw people in.
    DON’T devalue your product (you) with a bad tag line. Bad tag lines are negative, awkward, ambiguous or pretentious. Don’t write “here I go again” or “why am I always single?” or “looking for no drama” or “looking for my other half” or “looking for my partner in crime”.

Here is an example of a good picture and tag line:


  • DO leave something to the imagination in your write-up. This leaves them intrigued and also gives you something to talk about when you’re chatting or on a date. For example, don’t write each and every place you’ve traveled, instead, write why you choose the places you travel and what you’ve gotten out of it. In the same way, avoid cliches (like “I have a great sense of humor” – demonstrate it!) and leave a lot of white space by being brief and to the point. Also, end the profile with a question they have to answer, this will allow you to know if they actually read your profile or not.
    DON’T write too much or too little. Never ever write “I’ll fill this out later” or “I’m a man of little words” or “ask and I will answer”. You need to write something about yourself! You should also not write a novel, no one needs, or wants, your life story. You don’t have to list every band you like and every place you’ve traveled. Pick and choose the ones most relevant and leave the rest to chat about.
    DON’T demonstrate negativity or baggage. No one wants anyone who has baggage or drama. Being negative in your profile shows you have unresolved issues. We’ve ALL had those losers who lie and play with our emotions, but it’s not the problem of the next person who comes along. In fact, if you demonstrate negativity or baggage in your profile a quality person won’t respond because they don’t want to deal with your perceived issues. Keeping it positive will make you more appealing.

Here is an example of a good write-up:


So there you have it … your top do’s and don’ts of online dating profiles! As always I’m here to help and if you would like me to review your profile and give your free feedback drop me a line by filling out the contact form. Incidentally, the above profile generated around 200 views and almost 100 messages within 24 hours (and deleting it sorry guys who responded ;)), a lot of which were genuine messages referring to the profile write-up. Goes to show you what a good picture and headline will inspire!

Watch me discuss Online Dating Profiles on CTV Ottawa Morning by clicking here or on the picture below! Happy Dating!!


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Single Dating Diva

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  1. I don’t know if it matters. I had rewritten my profile several times, even asking people for advice and still nothing. I got lots of responses, just not men I wanted.


      • My main problem is that I will not date dads and that weeds out most of the guys at my age. I don’t have a profile anymore because I no longer do online dating. Why do something that hasn’t worked for me? Instead, I seek men in real life and met one. So far we are just friends but who knows.


          • Thanks I hope so too. It’s weird because his mom likes me a lot and my parents like him so it’s like it might work. If nothing else he’ll be a friend and introduce me to someone. He has never done online because he thinks it’s sleazy. The more we see each other the more we open up to each other.


    • Dawn, I used to pay too much attention into how I look at my album pics on dating websites, but then I have got some insights on online dating from a friend who married a guy she’s met through this dating service. It appears that there is much more points to take into account when attempting to find your loved one online e.g. being sure what exactly you are up to (a fling, long-term relationship etc.), filling in as much info about yourself as possible and safe etc. I wish I got this tips earlier before a couple of dates I went for which ended up being a total disaster. Good luck!


  2. It so matters. I find the MOST important part is the photos. Post good photos and then be open, honest, friendly… and direct… State exactly what you are looking for, and what you are NOT looking for… as sweetly as possible! LOL Great post Suz! Ms. Cheevious recommended this post while commenting about some of the people in K.Seal’s post! LOL


    • Seriously Lisa Jey you’re right … it’s the photo that captures people’s attention and your tag line that makes them want to know more. Just market yourself effectively and you will get hits. Thanks for spreading the love about my post XOXOX


  3. I can not STAND those bathroom mirror selfies. As soon as I see one I’m like NEXT!!! It just seems like such an unsanitary place to be standing snapping pics. I loved you on the CTV Ottawa Morning show. I hope the entire NATION watched that segment because they need some dating profile coaching. Thanks


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