Dating Question: Best and Worst Online Dating Meetup

Worst-Online-DatingThe glorious thing about online dating is the characters you meet. Some, as you know, are better than others. Each and every person has some story about their best and worst online dating meetups. I definitely have had some crazy experiences myself. Some dates go well but don’t lead anywhere while others go horribly wrong. A while back I wrote Good Date vs Bad Date: What’s the Difference? and got some great feedback from people about their experiences. So, I thought I’d put it to a vote! I want to see what the best and worst online dating meetups you’ve had are! Vote and come back to check on the results! You are also welcome to leave a best and worst online dating meetup story in the comments below!

Best and Worst Online Dating Meetup

Best Online Dating Meeting

Pick top 3!

Worst Online Dating Meetup

Pick top 3!

READERS: What’s your best and worst online dating meetup? Share your stories in the comments below!

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  1. Oddly while doing online dating I’ve had a lot of meetings that were neither bad nor good. By this I mean we weren’t a match but he wasn’t gross or anything. One meetup comes to mind. When I met him I was neither excited nor disappointed, it just was. We had a bit of a difficulty talking to each other because of nerves but also because we had little in common. We took a walk, made plans for a second meeting but realized when he emailed me that neither of us was all that excited. Some would call this a worst meetup but actually I don’t because I had some truly horrible ones, like men not looking like their photo, guys just wanting sex (some mentioned this right when meeting), nasty guys (what is it with some who proceed to insult then ask for another date?) and stories like those.

    However when I did phone dating (the ancestor of online dating)I had a lot of creepy stories from that, like a guy who proceeded to pull down his pants to show me the goods, or a guy who kept wanting to take me to a forest, I refused and a few days later saw him on the news because he got arrested for raping a woman there. This way of dating brought out the creeps which is why I was initially afraid to do online. I was able to be safe though and screen out most losers.


  2. I just don’t want to to write a lot, but my best one happened two days ago. It was a second try, The first one failed. We live about 2500 km away, so to have the second chance was not easy, but worth it.


  3. I enjoyed the answering those questions and knowing the results. I like the item that says “Date misrepresented themselves online” because I really hate liars. I even write a blog about it although I am not a good writer. You should really consider many things to find the one if you engaged on online dating.


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