Does ANYONE want a commitment? [Be a Single and Dating Rockstar]

Welcome to my new feature on Blast the Radio called “Be a Single and Dating Rockstar with Suzie” where I share my expertise with listeners to help them navigate the dating world and find their prince or princess among the frogs!

Segment 25: Does ANYONE want a commitment?

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Be a Single & Dating Rockstar:
Does ANYONE want a commitment?

Main Points: Does ANYONE want a commitment? (Ask Your Dating Expert Suzie)

  • People SAY they want to be in a commitment BUT at the first chance they get to run they do. What is it about the word “commitment” or “relationship” that has people running for the hills?
  • Commitment fears are the hallmark of every whirlwind romance and bench marked by emotional unavailability. It’s all great while the fireworks are going off, but, when reality hits they go running for the hills.
  • Someone who is commitment phobic doesn’t easily form attachments, so buyer beware! If you’re dating someone who seems commitment phobic, don’t be too pushy with them but pay attention to the red flags.
  • Their inherent desire to get attention and be wanted overwhelms their judgment and their logic and they either knowingly or unknowingly leave a trail of broken hearts in their wake. It’s important for you to recognize the patterns and avoid them unless you’re just in it for the fun as well.
  • They don’t keep promises? They are hard to pin down? They are last minute daters? You seem perpetually in the “friend zone” or even worse the “friends with benefits” zone? They don’t share intimate details about their private life? No long term relationships in their past? Then, my friend, you might just have a commitment-phobe on your hands.
  • If red flags are raising then YOU should be running in the other direction. Don’t waste your time, emotions and heart on this. You can’t save them and they won’t change just for your amazingly wonderful self.
  • Sorry to burst your bubble, you aren’t the exception to the rule. If someone tells you they aren’t looking for a relationship BELIEVE THEM.
  • POST IT NOTE / MANTRA: I will take commitment red flags seriously
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Be a Single & Dating Rockstar with Suzie

Kissing a lot frogs with no prince or princess in sight? Dating Expert Suzie from is here to help you find love. She has been through the trenches of the good, bad and ugly of dating and is now married with two children. She wants to help YOU achieve the dating outcomes you desire by navigating single and dating life effectively.

What listeners can expect: Dating CAN be fun and Suzie can show you how! She brings with her many years experience not only dating but also helping singles like you find the love they crave. She will let you in on the lessons she has learned along the way from her extensive dating, education, career and life experience. She teaches others how to navigate the dating world successfully to find happily ever after as she did. The rest is up to you! Her key message is that love is out there, they really are not all frogs, you just have to date smart and with purpose.

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