No Weak Knees! [Be a Single and Dating Rockstar]

Welcome to my new feature on Blast the Radio called “Be a Single and Dating Rockstar with Suzie” where I share my expertise with listeners to help them navigate the dating world and find their prince or princess among the frogs!

Segment 30: No Weak Knees!

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Be a Single & Dating Rockstar:
No Weak Knees

Main Points: No Weak Knees! (Why you should stay away from some people)

  • Do they make you melt like butter on a hot day? Or maybe give you sunstroke? Either way, you are giving away your power and control if they make you weak in the knees.
  • I get it, the chemistry is unbelievable. The energy is electric. Butterflies in your stomach are out of control. You are feeling a little hot, perhaps even a little faint. You think, “this THIS is what I’ve been waiting for all my life!” This MUST be my soul mate! Nope.
  • The rush is fantastic, do not get me wrong, the fireworks are great BUT a fire that burns hot and fast usually fizzles out just as fast and sometimes releases toxic chemicals in the air making you sick.
  • It may feel like love but it is not. It is infatuation and infatuation is dangerous because it blinds you and causes you to act like someone you are not. They also can take advantage of your blind “love”.
  • Listen, I have been there and it feels ohhhh so amazing but you are left feeling gross after. Kind of like when you indulge in eating something you know will make you sick.
  • You need to evaluate where you are at with someone in order to truly know if you are in a healthy relationship or not. Remember, love includes respect, trust, honor and sharing your life in a meaningful normal way with someone. Passion is great but is not sustainable.
  • If you find yourself falling for the ones who make you weak in the knees, you should do some internal work to figure out why you are falling for unhealthy attachments. A fun fling here and there that you are fully aware of it not going anywhere does not count. I am talking about when you are consumed by another person that you cannot find real love because you are obsessed.
  • Once you learn and believe your worth, you will not accept anything less than you deserve. Remember that.

POST IT NOTE / MANTRA: I am worthy of a healthy relationship

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Be a Single & Dating Rockstar with Suzie

Kissing a lot frogs with no prince or princess in sight? Dating Expert Suzie from is here to help you find love. She has been through the trenches of the good, bad and ugly of dating and is now married with two children. She wants to help YOU achieve the dating outcomes you desire by navigating single and dating life effectively.

What listeners can expect: Dating CAN be fun and Suzie can show you how! She brings with her many years experience not only dating but also helping singles like you find the love they crave. She will let you in on the lessons she has learned along the way from her extensive dating, education, career and life experience. She teaches others how to navigate the dating world successfully to find happily ever after as she did. The rest is up to you! Her key message is that love is out there, they really are not all frogs, you just have to date smart and with purpose.

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